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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Skills and Services Senior Citizens Can Offer Online –

Just because you’re a senior citizen doesn’t mean you want to abandon work completely. You may want to work to supplement your retirement income or because working improves your life emotionally and socially.

Working a regular job may be unappealing to many seniors, and it can also be hard to get a decent job. Instead, a great option for senior citizens is turning the knowledge and skills they’ve gained during their career into an online business. An online business allows for greater flexibility and freedom that senior citizens have earned after many years of doing a regular job.

You can run an online business from anywhere, especially if you want to become an expat or from an RV if you want to travel the world. Also, you can run a part-time business, to allow for more fun or to allow you to take care of an ailing spouse.

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Here are five skills and services that allow senior citizens to capitalize on what they know or love to do to make a part-time or even full-time living from home or anywhere.

1. Coaching/Consulting

Just because you’re a senior citizen and have left the workforce, it doesn’t mean your expertise and knowledge have left as well. Starting online coaching or consulting business allows you to capitalize on your work knowledge and experience.

You can offer coaching services using tools such as online conferences and Skype. Alternatively, you can manage the business side from home and visit your coaching clients at their location or a local java joint.

If you’re a senior, successful business owner, you can offer online consulting services to businesses, such as improving sales or productivity of a team. Using technology, you can do video conferencing to offer online consulting services.

It’s easy to get started because you can easily contact a former employer and offer help.

2. Blogging

People go online to search for information or entertainment. If you can provide what they’re searching for using a blog, then you can earn money via several monetization options such as affiliate marketing.

Do you have valuable information or entertaining stories? Then online users will read what you post. Did you retire, sold what you owned, and bought a boat to follow the sun? Readers will love reading about your exploits.

Are you a retired economist? People will love reading about your tips on managing money and dealing with taxes.

Do you love food? Share your knowledge and enjoyment via a food blog.

Or do you love writing, but don’t want the hassle of starting and promoting a blog? Many online media sources and bloggers pay for articles. You can start a freelance writing agency or look for writing jobs in a variety of places, including writing resources and social media.

3. Market Researcher and Tester

If you’re a senior citizen looking for ways to make easy money in front of your computer, taking part in focus groups and surveys is a great idea. Brands will pay you for your feedback and opinion.

The requirements and payment vary. Focus groups pay up to $100 for a few hours, while surveys take less time and pay less.

To get started, you’ll need a computer or smartphone and internet access. Here are a few ways you can take part in market testing and research:

  • Web tester: Here you’ll give feedback on apps and websites for an average $10 per a completed test, which takes up to 15 minutes. Companies where you can get this type of work include UserTesting,, and Whatusersdo.
  • Become a mystery shopper: Here, you’ll get paid to visit stores secretly and report your experience. The average pay for a mystery shopper is $14.73 an hour. Find out more via these mystery shopper companies: MarketForce, Sinclair Customer Metrics, and Best Mark.
  • Fill out online surveys: First, you’ll need to register your information to a market research survey site. They will then contact you if there’s a survey that fits your demographic. Register in these survey sites: MyPoints, Survey Junkie, and Opinion Outpost.

4. Teacher/Instructor

As a senior citizen, you have valuable skills which you can turn into teaching opportunities – especially if you have talents that are now considered DIY, such as carpentry, pickling, or quilting.

You can take your teaching online to make a side income. Start by creating a class in your area of expertise, such as personal finance, public speaking, or fundraising, on one of the many online learning platforms. Note that you’ll need to do considerable work in the beginning: recording lecture videos, creating a class syllabus, and coming up with assignments.

But once you’re through, you just have to post your class and get a percentage of the sales. These are some online platforms to consider: Zeqr and Skillshare. The pay rate varies, but you’ll get a percentage of sales combined with royalties calculated by minutes of your videos watched.

5. Transcriptionist

Transcription work is ideal for senior citizens with fast typing skills, especially those who want a job that offers autonomy and control over their work schedule. To transcribe, you need speed in typing on top of accuracy.

The average pay for a transcriptionist is $24,857/year. As a transcriber, you get paid depending on how long the audio file is, not how long it takes to type. That’s why transcribing is worthwhile if you type fast.

You’ll need high-quality headphones, a word processing software, and a computer.

To kick off your job hunt, register as a freelance transcriber on job marketplace sites, such as Go Transcript, TranscribeMe, and UpWork.

Final Thoughts

Just because you’re a senior citizen, you need not be idle after retirement. You can turn your life and career experiences into a source of income. And because you’re the boss, you can set the price and the rules so that you can earn money and enjoy your retirement at the same time.

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