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Saturday, May 2, 2020

10 Best Ways To Make Money From Home | TheTalko – TheTalko

Everybody is aware that the internet broke barriers and changed how we relate to the world, including when it comes to working. It is possible to have a fixed income using the internet, such as selling things on eBay or managing social media accounts from home.

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However, the internet can offer a range of working opportunities that many people are still not aware of. Here are some great ways you can make money from home.

10 Content Writer

Writing is probably the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think about jobs they can do from home. A simple Google search will show that there are countless positions open to remote content writers.

However, the task doesn’t look as simple as many people think. A content writer must have a fantastic command of the English language and also know how to adapt the style to different audiences. It also demands highly organized skills since there are deadlines for each text.

9 Teach English

For people who are native English speakers and are passionate about grammar, you can try to get a TEFL or TESOL certification and become a teacher. Most schools abroad demand certification since there is a huge difference between speaking a language and being able to teach it to other people.

There are several websites, such as iTutorGroup, that focus on Chinese students and English Hunt, where the students are in Korea. It is an excellent experience if you have a passion for teaching people.

8 Create An Online Course

Most people have talents that others would love to learn. It can be speaking a second language, playing an instrument, knowing how to organize a house better than anyone, or just a specific skill in your profession. It is possible to share this knowledge with an online course.

For people who have no idea how to start it, Udemy has some exciting ideas to create classes from scratch. It helps if you know how to use social media to promote it.

7 Answer Research and Surveys

For people who have some free time, it is possible to earn some extra cash merely answering some surveys online. It is just as simple as it looks, but people should be careful and research the website’s background since there are multiple scams websites when it comes to surveys. Some real options are SurveyBods, Survey Junkie, and Valued Opinions.

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Most websites have a limited number of surveys each person can answer per month. It is possible to sign up for different ones.

6 Audiobook Narrator

The audiobooks sales had a $940,000,000 million revenue in 2018, a number that represents nearly 25% if compared to the previous year. And this increase means a job opportunity for many people since the industry is looking for freelancing narrators, and most of the time, they can do the job from home.

However, people should be aware that this is not a task for people who only have a great voice or love reading bedtime stories for their kids. Some acting background is welcomed since the narrator must be able to bring the amount of emotion in every line they read.

5 Sell Your Photos

For people who have a talent for photography and a considerable amount of interesting photos, it is possible to sell them online. You can create a website or social media account to sell posters or upload the images on websites where editors or organizations will buy them to use on their material. Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Getty Images, and SmugMug Pro are some of the sites that buy those pictures.

Of course, they don’t pay as much as a professional gig, but the bright side is that people can sell images countless times.

4 Virtual Assistant

There are several positions online for virtual assistants. As the title suggests, this job is 100% remote, and the person needs skills such as being extremely organized. The tasks are different for each client, and that means that the job can not only administrate someone’s routine. The client can demand social media management or bookkeeping, which gives this type of job multiple possibilities. It also requires that people check what the position demands before sending the application.

3 Transcriptions

For people who can type fast ( that means up to 100 per minute) and with no typos while doing it, there are always jobs available as a freelance typist. The task sounds simple: receiving audio and transcribing it. The websites often pay according to the length of the audio, but be aware that transcriptions are often time-consuming.

There are companies like Rev, and before applying for it, it is possible to take a short course.

2 Web Development

People who have content and web development skills will never be without a job. The best thing is that they can work remotely and have international clients, which is great for the portfolio. Another option related to development is programming, which focuses on software and apps. It also has countless job opportunities that can be done from anywhere.

There are multiple courses online that can help people who are starting with it.

1 Closed Captioning

People who have good typing skills don’t need to work just with transcriptions. Another great option is working with closed captioning that we see on countless TV shows. The task consists of transcribing what people talk and sync it with the video, and they pay for it for each minute of the video. That means that the faster you are, the more gigs you can get.

There are job positions on Rev, but also on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed.

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