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Saturday, May 2, 2020

15 must-have things under £40 to help you work from home – Gazette

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Maybe you work from home all year round. Or maybe you’ve suddenly (and unexpectedly) transitioned to remote status thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. No matter what the reason, working from home is definitely different than working in an office—and it definitely requires the right setup. To help you adjust—and be equal parts productive and comfortable—we’ve rounded up 15 things that are perfect for anyone who works from home. The best part? They’re all less than £40.​

1. A lap desk so you can work anywhere

Gazette: Photo: KlassPhoto: Klass

Let’s be honest: Despite all the articles telling you that you should work from a designated “office” area in your home, chances are high you end up working from your couch or even your bed (it’s just too tempting!). And rather than balancing your laptop on your lap, use this foldable lap desk instead. According to reviewers, it’s sturdy and spacious—it can fit laptops up to 18″—and has an easy-to-adjust desktop that tilts your laptop to four different angles for optimal viewing.

Get the Bamboo Laptop Table at Amazon for £27.08

2. A wireless mouse

Gazette: Photo: Getty ImagesPhoto: Getty Images

Using your laptop’s trackpad for 8+ hours straight is a recipe for carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s where a wireless mouse comes in handy (pun intended). This one has over 1,100 reviews because it’s comfortable to manoeuvre thanks to its contoured design and works incredibly well on most surfaces with no delay or stuttering.

Get the Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse at Amazon for £12.99

3. An adapter for Mac users

Gazette: Photo: AmazonPhoto: Amazon

Everyone who owns a Mac knows the struggle that is buying a new tech accessory (like a new webcam) only to realize it requires a USB—which your laptop is lacking. Until now, thanks to this Apple adapter. It plugs easily into your Macbook (or anything with a Lightning port) so you can plug in all of your USB-using devices.

Get the AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Adapter at Amazon for £6.29

4. A lamp that clips to your desk.

Gazette: Photo: CeSunlightPhoto: CeSunlight

Desk lamps are great. Desk lamps that clip to any surface (i.e. your kitchen table or your lap desk when you’re sitting on the couch) are even better. Reviewers like that this one has a flexible gooseneck that can easily be adjusted to your preferences and provides the bright light you need to work without straining your eyes.

Get the CeSunlight Clamp Desk Lamp at Amazon for £14.49

5. A top-rated sound machine to help you focus

Gazette: Photo: AVANTEKPhoto: AVANTEK

The dog barking, your neighbours blasting rock music, your child asking you to come play—there are tons of distractions when you work from home. To eliminate some of them (or at least drown them out when you’re in that 9 a.m. meeting), use a sound machine. This one has over 800 glowing reviews from Amazon shoppers because it has a range of soothing, pre-recorded nature noises. 

Get the AVANTEK Sleep White Noise Machine at Amazon for £29.99

6. A multiplug for all your devices

Gazette: Photo: BelkinPhoto: Belkin

Printer, laptop, monitor, oh my! Your work-from-home setup probably involves a lot of things that need to be plugged in. And one measly socket simply won’t cut it. A multiplug like this one not only triples your plug-in power (six plugs compared to two!) but it also acts as a surge protector to keep your devices safe while you work.

Get the Belkin E-Series 6 Plug SurgeStrip Surge Protected Extension Lead at Amazon for £11.83

7. A cushion to prevent back pain

Gazette: Photo: SupportibackPhoto: Supportiback

Hunching over your computer for hours on end might be good for your productivity but it’s not good for your back. Take it from our audience development manager—a lumbar support cushion can make a world of difference when you’re sitting at your desk. This one is praised for being versatile (it fits most chairs and car seats) and for being comfortable yet supportive (it prevents slouching and promotes proper spine alignment).

Get the Supportiback Posture Therapy Lumbar Support Cushion at Amazon for £20.00

8. A device that extends your Wi-Fi range

Gazette: Photo: TP-LinkPhoto: TP-Link

Even if you have the best router and the best Internet service, some Wi-Fi can be hit or miss. And when you’re expected to call into an important meeting or meet an important deadline, that’s not okay. Meet the Wi-Fi range extender. With over 7000 reviews, this affordable one from Amazon easily boots your Wi-Fi to be able to reach those areas in your home with spotty service with just the press of a button.

Get the TP-Link TL-WA850RE N300 Universal Range Extender at Amazon for £17.99

9. Wipes to keep your electronics clean

Gazette: Photo: EOTWPhoto: EOTW

Studies have found that your laptop is dirtier than your toilet seat. Yuck. Not only that but dirty screens make things like video conferencing and presentations much harder to see. The solution? These electronics wipes. While they’re gentle and nonabrasive, they also effectively remove smudges and streaks without leaving any residue behind.

Get the EOTW Screen Wipes at Amazon for £12.99

10. A flash drive to store important files

Gazette: Photo: SanDiskPhoto: SanDisk

Now that you’re working from home, all those important documents and confidential information that you deal with on a day-to-day basis is being stored on your laptop. But what if said laptop crashes? Yikes. Protect all of your files by backing them up on a flash drive. This SanDisk one—which has a sizable 64GB of storage space—doesn’t require any installation or set-up and also offers password encryption for extra protection if you need it.

Get the SanDisk Ultra 64 GB USB Flash Drive at Amazon for £11.56

11. An affordable coffee maker

Gazette: Photo: Russell HobbsPhoto: Russell Hobbs

RIP tea room—which means RIP free coffee from the communal coffee maker. While you could shell out for a fancy espresso machine, you can also get a good coffee maker on a budget like this one. It brews a tasty pot of coffee and has an easy-to-set timer that you can program to have your coffee ready for you when you wake up.

Get the Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine at Amazon for £33.26

12. A mug warmer to keep your coffee hot

Gazette: Photo: VOBAGAPhoto: VOBAGA

Speaking of coffee, you don’t want to get up 20 times in an hour just to reheat your drink or, worse, drink cold tea or coffee. That’s why this mug warmer has so many rave reviews. It plugs directly into your wall and keeps your beverage the perfect temperature for hours.

Get the VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer at Amazon for £21.99

13. A calendar for managing your schedule

Gazette: Photo: Home LivesPhoto: Home Lives

Between endless meetings, Zoom presentations, and phone calls, your schedule is probably pretty hectic. And when you work from home (and there’s no coworkers to remind you about that meeting in 10 minutes), it can be tough to keep track of it all. This weekly dry erase calendar can help, though. It has enough space to fit in all of your daily and weekly must-dos and, when Sunday rolls around, you can simply wipe it all off and start fresh Monday.

Get the Magnetic Weekly Planner at Amazon for £14.95

14. A pack of high-quality pens

Gazette: Photo: Paper MatePhoto: Paper Mate

Pens are one of those things we take for granted. But between taking notes during your weekly meeting and jotting down reminders while you’re on the phone with your boss, they’re a must-have for anyone working from home. My favourite pens—and the favourite among hundreds of office workers—are these Paper Mate gel ones. They write incredibly smoothly, don’t smudge easily, and come in a rainbow of fun colours.

Get Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens at Amazon for £18.51

15. A cushion for your wrists

Gazette: Photo: FellowesPhoto: Fellowes

All that typing and mouse-clicking can cause some serious wrist pain. To prevent that—and protect your poor wrists—consider using a cushion like this one. It’s the perfect height and firmness to keep your wrists at a comfortable, neutral position and that it stays firmly in place thanks to its nonskid backing.

Get the Fellowes Crystals Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest at Amazon for £10.49

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