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Friday, May 8, 2020

COVID-19 leaves college grads looking for jobs in new ways – WHSV

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Millions of Americans are now unemployed because of the coronavirus and for many college graduates entering their new industry, their job may be a bit different than they had expected.

Graduates will get four tickets to give to family for the ceremonies. (State Farm / CC BY 2.0)

Laura Hickerson, Assistant Director of Employer Engagement at James Madison University, said some companies have implemented hiring freezes or pushed back starting dates for new employees, but for the most part are still hiring for remote working positions.

Hickerson says JMU’s online recruiting platform, Handshake, still has hundreds of jobs available in fields like education, health care, technology, customer service, and consumer packed goods.

“There are a number of industries that are still hiring, some might not be the job [students] thought they were going to have right after graduation, but there are certainly ways to gain transferable skills in different kinds of roles,” Hickerson said.

She said students struggling to find career opportunities can utilize LinkedIn and their college’s alumni or career service resources.

Hickerson said while some industries are still hiring new employees during this time, some other industries, like hospitality, entertainment, and sports, were hit hard. She said some students with degrees in struggling industries may get hired at a company they weren’t planning on.

“Be open to new opportunities. Don’t discount positions just because you feel, “that’s not in my field, I don’t really want to do that,”” Hickerson said. “Think about how you can learn from those positions and how they can give you transferable skills.”

She said graduates should still keep busy to avoid resume gaps.

“The longer you have gaps in your resume, the harder it is to get hired, Hickerson said. “If you spend this time wisely and do something that’s somewhat relevant, if you can get something relevant, to the job that you want to go into.”

Hickerson said graduates can also use this time to update their LinkedIn network profiles, portfolios, and resumes to land their desired job.

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