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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Grand Theft Auto 6 Online Will Have To Work Like Overwatch 2 – TheGamer

Grand Theft Auto Online has continued to grow since the initial launch in 2013, and has had numerous content updates to match. From replayable heists to goofing around with your crew, there is no shortage of content in Grand Theft Auto Online. With players spending so much time on their characters and hideouts, it begs the question of whether or not progression, or at the very least cosmetic items, will transfer over to the next entry of the series. One way Rockstar can appease long time players is to adopt a system similar to Overwatch 2.

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

The last thing players will want after spending so much time upgrading their characters, hideouts, and criminal empires is to lose everything in a potential sequel. In some ways, it makes sense to have a clean slate in a new online setting, but when your core audience possibly spent years and a lot of real cash in one online environment, you should give them something to ease the transition.

Months ago, GameRant reported on Overwatch 2 having shared progression and access to cosmetic items players unlocked in Overwatch. This means that players that have been grinding ranked matches and buying skins will not have to worry about losing longstanding progress over what many fans believed to be “an update over the first game.” As to how the shared content between the two online communities will function on launch, that’s not been fully detailed. But the bottom line is that players can easily transfer their progress over to the new entry. This incentive prevents communities from being fractured between the older and newer entries.

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With rumors of Grand Theft Auto VI growing by the day, it is all but certain that Rockstar will continue the Grand Theft Auto Online experience because of its massive popularity. If Rockstar implements a similar progression carry over to the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto Online, they can avoid players staying behind in Grand Theft Auto V. Especially since those shark cards aren’t cheap.

What Should Carry Over?

While a full transfer of progress would be ideal for veteran players, this may cause some imbalance with newer players and lead to a bevy of new issues. If Rockstar implements a feature that only carries over cosmetic items this should level the playing field for all players and reward long term players. What about the players that spend a lot of real-world currency on Grand Theft Auto Online? The tough news is that Rockstar will probably prioritize ways to monetize the new online experience, so if players can carry over all their cash, then they have no incentive to buy more shark cards or other currencies. It’s a balancing act that needs to be fine tuned to the community’s needs. Regardless of the choice Rockstar makes, players might be more concerned with how the developers tackle the rampant hacking problem.

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