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Sunday, May 10, 2020

PG.Biz RoundTable 1: Working From Home (Online) – The Virtual Report

The PocketGamer.Biz RoundTables series is a brand-new initiative, aimed at bridging the gap between the expert insight offered each day in PG.Biz articles and insight and the awesome live experience of our PG Connects and PGC Digital conferences.

Every couple of weeks we’ll be bringing together four or five leading industry experts in a specific field to discuss a pertinent subject, hosted by the team. We’ll broadcast the live event for free to everyone who signs up – who can also interact and ask questions, then we’ll follow up with some key points in an article and at some point make the video available on our PG.Biz YouTube channel.

The series will launch on Tuesday, May 12 with a discussion around The Games Industry In The Time Of Corona + Working From Home, brought to you in association with Tamatem and featuring:

Kate Edwards, Global Game Jam/Geogrify
Tim Cullings, Seattle Indies/IGDA/Oculus VR
Sophie Vo, Voodoo
Husam Hammo, Tamatem
Asi Burak, Tilting Point
The online event is hosted by the editor of the leading mobile games site

These are strange times we’re living in, and many companies in the games industry have had to move very quickly to remote-working processes. How do you manage a team under those circumstances? How can collaboration and creativity flourish? How do you ensure your colleagues’ wellbeing? Meanwhile, it’s become impossible to visit trade shows and conferences, which are essential for the business side of the games world – and are an essential lifeline for indies and lone developers. How do they cope with being cut off from the games community? The panel will discuss topics such as how, for some, this is a boom time for the industry. Who is faring well? What are the impacts? How are companies transforming? How will we all segue back into our working lives – will you hold onto the gamers, will studios’ behaviours change again?

Brought to you in association with Tamatem

This week’s RoundTable is brought to you in association with our friends at Tamatem. Tamatem is based in Jordan and is the leading mobile games publisher in the Middle East and North Africa market. Tamatem works hand-in-hand with international studios and developers, to localize and make their games culturally relevant for Arab gamers. Its experience in localization, user acquisition, distribution, cross-promotion, monetization, community, support and whales management can help get your game on the top of charts, increase revenue and ensure a game’s success in the Arabic market.

All this and more will be covered in an insightful hour with global experts. All free and streamed online.

This is a great opportunity to see, for free, the kind of expert content that regularly brings together at the Pocket Gamer Connects Digital conferences. These full, five-day events bring together speakers and panellists from around the world to share knowledge and insight, as well as provide great networking opportunities. The next one is June 8-12.

Meanwhile, once a month we’ll share these standalone discussion RoundTables so you can gain valuable insight, and also discover the process of online panel discussions.

Future topics will include: Anti-Copying, The Art of Publishing, and the Future Of Monetisation. Register your interest now!

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