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Saturday, May 23, 2020

This $30 online training will help you make the most out of remote working – New York Post

Twitter may have been the first major company to announce it will be letting its employees work from home indefinitely, but chances are it’s not going to be the last. Working remotely is the new normal during this era of social distancing, and for many, it will likely last far beyond the next few months.

If you are one of the lucky few who haven’t faced many hurdles working from their couch, then going from a physical office to a virtual one seems like a seamless transition. But for everyone else who is finding themselves easily distracted and often unfocused, The Remote Work & Productivity Bundle (now on sale for $29.99) can help give them the tools and frameworks they need to make the most out of their 9-to-5.

This bundle is broken down into seven key courses, ranging from a primer on the freelance industry to a hyper-productivity class, that help you not only feel comfortable and capable of working from home, but also reap the monetary benefits that come with flexible working.

To give you a taste of the curriculum featured in The Remote Work & Productivity Bundle, we are highlighting each of the seven courses below.

How To Be Hyper Productive In Your Home-Based Business

There are plenty of distractions you can’t control when you’re working from home — it’s just the way of life. That being said, there are equally as many tactics you can employ in your 9-to-5 to help make sure you stay on track. This course, which spans 19 lectures chock-full of tips, tricks, and productivity hacks, helps students do more work in less time. The idea is that if you can get through bursts of hyper-productivity through the day, you’ll never feel overwhelmed when life’s little distractions inevitably crop up.

Coronavirus & Remote Work: Tools and Tactics for Business Continuity

Are you, or your team, finding the world of remote working hard to navigate? Transitioning to online working is hard business — but it’s made easier when you have the right communication tools, morale-boosting techniques, and creativity projects on-hand. Take the resources found in this four-part course, for instance. They give managers and employees workflows and processes that will help bolster innovation and productivity from their remote teams.

Managing Reptilian Brain Tendencies in Fearful Times

The “reptilian” parts of our brain are thought to be responsible for all of our knee-jerk reactions. Even though these behaviors are automatic, there are ways to keep them in check. To understand the nuances of these brain-based psychological processes, as well as understand approaches to minimize these effects on your personal life, it’s worth exploring this one-hour lecture.

7 Habits of High Achievers: A 7-Step Plan for Winning In Life

Rated an impressive 4.8 stars on Udemy, the 7 Habits of High Achievers is an online course that dives into seven different habits that have been shown to skyrocket your business. The one-hour course is taught by Dave Espino, an entrepreneur who spent the past 30 years studying the key factors that make successful people…well, successful. Espino condenses three decades of findings into this digestible format that has students raving. As one notes, “So worth it. The tools I learned from this course will no doubt save me time and money – will definitely go back to this course for reference.”

Freelancing: How to Work from Home Doing Freelance Gigs

So long as you have an internet connection, a computer, professional drive, and a bit of know-how in the world of micro-jobs, you’ll have all the tools it takes to become a lucrative freelancer. While we can’t help you much on those first three requirements, we can point you in the right direction for the last one. This freelance guidebook (rated 4.1 stars from over 1,000 past students) gives aspiring remote workers an understanding of the current landscape, how to make themselves stand out as freelance candidates and the best job boards to use to your advantage.

Work From Home: 5 Ways To Turn Your Knowledge & Skills Into an Online Business

Of course, freelancing is just the start of creating a business all from the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of other business models worth exploring that can help you build solid income remotely. This course, which has been described by past students as a “great course for getting a glimpse of ways to make extra money and potentially a true income by working from home,” explores five popular avenues for building your online business.

Online Business: Work from Home

Unlike other online resources that fail to break down building businesses for novices, this four-part course outlines social media marketing, podcast creation, affiliate marketing, and software tools (pretty much all the major strategies used by professionals to grow their business) in layman’s terms.

Want to explore these courses today? Get The Remote Work & Productivity Bundle here for only $29.99 right now.

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