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Saturday, May 2, 2020

This Laptop Stand Needs to Be a Part of Your Work From Home Set Up – The Daily Beast

At this point into the global pandemic, my work from home set up is my pride and joy. I currently have a seat cushion I love so I can sit anywhere, a desk, a second monitor, and clothing to keep me comfortable. And yet, despite all of this, I still find it necessary to invest in little tweaks. These adjustments I’ve found have improved my work life exponentially. And while a chair is more of a bigger investment, I’ve found something that has upped my work from home set up, that I never thought I would need before all of this.

The Lamicall laptop stand isn’t just any laptop stand, it’s the laptop stand that has improved my posture, decreased my back pain and made me feel more productive while I’m at home. It’s sleek and it’s silver color matches my laptop so it doesn’t really feel like I’ve added an extra thing to my desk, instead, it just feels like an extension of my laptop. It raises and tils so I can have my laptop at eye level instead of having to hunch down to stare at the screen. It rotates a full 360 degrees so I can easily show off my space to friends via Zoom, or show my girlfriend what I’m working on with ease. And more importantly, it sits on my table and stays there. The no skid base ensures this, and keeps my worry free as I type away and surf the web. But best of all, it helps keep my laptop from overheating. That’s right, kind of like a cooling rack for baking, it allows air to circulate all around it.

I never thought I’d be so overjoyed by the prospect of a laptop stand, but I never thought I’d be working from home for this long, either. When we can return, I’ll be bringing my laptop stand with me. 

Lamicall Laptop Stand

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