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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Where I Work: Christian, the massage therapist doing online stretching sessions – Metro.co.uk

Where I Work: mobile massage therapist Christian stretching in the park
Christian is adjusting to working in lockdown (Picture: Make Movements)

The coronavirus pandemic has radically changed what work looks like for so many of us.

While some are working from home or making adjustments, others are having to come to terms with their business being decimated by lockdown measures.

Our series, Where I Work, is exploring how people are working amid the pandemic, talking to a different person each weekday and looking at their home-working spaces.

Today we’re chatting with Christian, 32, the founder of Make Movements, a mobile massage and movement company.

Usually Christian spends his time travelling around Surrey giving clients massages, but with physical contact a no-go in times of Covid-19, that’s no longer an option.

He’s now offering virtual stretching sessions online from the one-bedroom flat he shares with his girlfriend, Becks.

Where I Work: mobile massage therapist Christian at work
Unable to offer massages, Christian has been doing virtual stretching sessions (Picture: Make Movements)

Hey, Christian. How has coronavirus changed the way you work?



For many people, coronavirus has changed the world as we knew it. I hardly used to be at home if I’m honest, as my job as a mobile massage therapist meant I am on the road, visiting clients in their house or at a health club.

Before the UK was put into lockdown, I would only ever be at home for a few hours during the working week to do some admin, paperwork or pick up some more supplies.

Make Movement’s service is predominantly mobile, but current circumstances have prevented us from delivering any mobile massage treatments meaning, like many, home has become very familiar.

What’s a working day like in lockdown?

I normally set my alarm for 8am, I then head to the gym (read: living room) to work out, stretch and I always have some loud music on to start the day.

I’ll then shower, and have a smoothie at my front room desk by 10am to reply to emails, research or send out Zoom links to provide my group or one-to-one stretch therapy sessions virtually. So many more people are running and exercising like never before so it’s so important to stretch it out.

I take an hour for lunch, being sure to watch an episode of the Lie To Me boxset, and then continue with the rest of my day. This normally involves updating my website, creating video content for my social channels, more emails and reaching out to clients to keep them updated.



I try to finish up around 6ish, have some dinner and try to wind down for the evening.

Where I Work: mobile massage therapist
He’s working from the one-bedroom flat he shares with his girlfriend (Picture: Make Movements)

Talk us through your working space

Our flat is quite small and I think we’ve noticed that even more so now we’re working from home constantly.

We’ve got one desk in our flat in our bedroom – which is surrounded by my girlfriend’s clothes – and a dining table in the front room. I usually use this space to do my admin and any virtual stretch sessions with my clients. That’s because I can move the table out of the way and provide a clean backdrop to my virtual stretch sessions.

Since I’ve been offering my stretch therapy sessions online, I don’t need much equipment. It’s literally my computer and me. It’s very minimalistic, but that’s the way I like it.

How have you found working from home? Have you come up against any challenges?

It’s been different and very foreign to me as my profession means I’m normally out and about, so it’s taken some getting used to. But I’ve found making a to-do list keeps me on track and I try to complete two or three things every day. This gives me the feeling of progression I so crave.

Also, because one half of my company is all about mobile massages, I obviously can’t offer that service right now. I’ve still been giving my girlfriend the odd massage to try new techniques etc.

Where I Work: mobile massage therapist
Christian is keeping his skills sharp by giving his girlfriend massages (Picture: Make Movements)

How do you stay focused when your home is your office?


I’ve always had a very structured routine but I think that’s been heightened even more so now. I like to start my day with a purpose. Monday to Friday I set an alarm for the same time every day and I always make time for breakfast and lunch as you always feel better once you have eaten.

I think getting washed and dressed is another important factor in working from home as you feel ready for the day.

Another rule is to always get outside – whether it’s to exercise or not. But it will help you stay focussed and give you some headspace.

How are you doing mentally right now?

I’m doing ok. I feel good when I’m busy and active, but my mood can drop when I have too much time and begin overthinking things.

I used to be a professional footballer, so exercise and stretching has always been a big part of my life. It helps clear my mind and makes me feel good about myself – especially when you get a personal best or can stretch deeper than before.

Reading relaxes me and my girlfriend is always there to remind me to switch off when work encroaches rest time.

Where I Work: mobile massage therapist
Physical activity is so important right now (Picture: Make Movements)

What advice do you have for other people newly working from home?


I’m new to working from home. But over the past eight weeks I’ve found my ‘new normal’ routine. This includes: keep moving – whether it’s running, walking, stretching, or a YouTube workout – as it can be repetitive living and working all in one place. Plus you need some happy endorphins to keep you going.

I’ve found a little bit of movement resets my focus and puts my perspective on life in the moment.

Do you have an unusual working-from-home setup you fancy sharing? To get involved in Where I Work, email Ellen.Scott@Metro.co.uk.

Share your views in the comments section below.

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