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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Best Work From Home Memes To Share With Friends & Co-Workers – Screen Rant

It has been a few months now since many jobs made the transition to working from home, due to COVID-19 lockdown orders. Working at home may have sounded appealing to begin with but over time, it has become a reminder that the world is still upside down. Hopefully, this collection of memes will serve up some relatable laughs and help to make working from home a bit more bearable.

For many, working from home started about three months ago. When the threat of COVID-19 became undeniable, many employers found themselves in a position where they might have been choosing between worker safety and company productivity. Although if the last few months have proved anything, it is that working from home does not show a drastic decrease in worker productivity and it allows workers to remain safe while doing their job.

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With such a drastic increase in the amount of people working from home, it is no surprise that the amount of memes relating to the topic have exploded recently. While scouring Reddit for the perfect meme to encapsulate working from home is not only time consuming, but also difficult, here is a curated list of some of the best remote working memes that have sprung up recently.

Funny Work From Home Memes

In the past, whenever someone encountered a major life change, it was easy to feel like no one else was having that same struggle. Now, thanks to memes, it is much easier to find a community of people going through the same thing. This is especially true when that major life change is caused by a global pandemic and basically, everyone on the planet is going through some version of the same situation.

Some Jobs Better From Home Than Others

Not all jobs transition perfectly to working from home. While most office workers can adjust to a home environment with little effort, some jobs require a specific workplace. There are a whole series of memes like this one posted by Reddit user Lateralus11235813, but the idea of studying the habits of fish from a giant fish tank at home was especially funny.

The Days All Feel Longer

Humans rely on routine and when that routine is disrupted, measuring time can become more than a bit challenging. Sometimes writing one really good email can make a worker feel like they have had a really productive day. Unfortunately, writing that one email can feel like it did take the whole day, not just the seventeen minutes it actually took. This feeling is encapsulated perfectly in this meme by Yellow Octopus.

When There’s No IT Department

One of the biggest disadvantages to working from home is that workers are suddenly without the support system they have come to rely on in the office. While it is a little embarrassing to realize that rebooting the computer will fix that problem, it can feel pretty gratifying to have actually dealt with the technology issue without the help of someone from IT. Just like Tails in this meme by Reddit user AdventureMemes.

Ready For Your Next Zoom Call?

Now that all meetings have become Zoom calls, it has become much easier to roll out of bed and attend. With that said, some calls require workers to use video and show themselves. These meetings definitely take some prep time to make oneself look professional and this meme posted by the I Know. Right? Blog on Facebook sums it up pretty well.

When The Boss Catches On

Once workers realize that they can finish most of their work ahead of time, it makes stretching out the day more of a real chore. This becomes a problem whenever an employee ends up watching Netflix during an end-of-day call, instead of actually working. Most managers know this is hard for everyone, but they’d appreciate it if workers at least pretended to be paying attention. Just like William Lumbergh from Office Space in this meme posted by Facility Executive.

Working From Home Means You’re Always At Work

One unforeseen side effect of working from home is that there is no longer a separation between the office and the home. Before, there was a physical barrier that reminded workers not to check their email when they were home with their kids. However, whenever the home is where work is done, replying to that one email can become hours of unexpected work. This meme posted by Motonomics on Facebook neatly captures that feeling.

Working From Home Suits Some Better Than Others

While most of the world is still coping with the loss of general human contact, including hugging and shaking hands, many might feel like this is finally their moment to shine. As although most are looking forward to having face-to-face interactions with their co-workers again, this meme posted by Reddit user theMadOz depicts how some of us might struggle with having to actually deal with people again.

What Day Is It Again?

The biggest change to everyone’s life after working from home is the sense that days of the week have lost all meaning. A week feels like a month, and a month feels like a year. It is not uncommon to realize that a whole month has passed by in what felt like a few days, as implied by this meme posted by News 18.

In reality, none of what’s happened over the last few weeks and months has been easy for anyone and everyone is struggling to some degree right now. However, without co-worker banter, many will need to find their casual laughs elsewhere. In the new online world brought on by COVID-19, memes are one of the most obvious places to find them.

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