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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Brands are Looking at Affiliate Marketing to Sell Their Products – London Daily Post

Brands have shifted their paid media and advertising to online channels as they are more cost-effective, measurable, and gives bottom-of-funnel results. Once the global crisis is over, the brands that pounced upon creative and agile affiliate programs will have loyal customers and content partners.

In the times of coronavirus, the brands need to strategize and adjust their affiliate marketing to focus on sales and promote products. Customers are buying essentials like food, drugs, home goods, apparel, books, music and software according to the recently conducted survey.

Walmart recently shared that people are buying more tops than bottoms as they are working from homes in current scenario. Brands will need to explore the changing shopping behavior so that they can explore and innovate new strategies for making sales. In this, adspy tools will come handy where the brands can see how their competitors are performing and succeeding. You can click for adspy free trial and observe the benefits this tool has for you as a marketer.

With affiliate marketing, brands can move the lower-demand products through strategic partnerships to liquidate old inventory. Their content partners can amalgamate promotions of the specific products in the content. The brands need to pay the partners only after the sales of these products.

Everyone is looking at saving money or limiting their expenses during this crisis including the customers who are now going after and opting for discounted prices. The promotion and discounts by the brands will benefit them right now. Affiliate marketing will be able to reach to the targeted audience with these offers. They will be able to track, measure and align the customer behavior to match with brand’s goals.

Brands can also offer free shipping, exclusive membership cards, coupons, flash sales, weekend offers or limited time offers through the affiliate partner. This way they will reach their specific audience, increase their awareness about the product while keeping marketing spend in check.

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