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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Digital Marketing For Businesses During COVID19 – Irish Tech News

By Usman Akram,

As we all know COVID-19 has been a nightmare for all of us. There’s a global crisis going on right now which has made people conscious and afraid of their health. However the other major impact this virus is making is on people’s wallets.

As every country is being strict of the lockdown, schools are close, people are restrained and businesses are shut. This goes on as a cycle and would affect many business sectors ranging from the corporate to small businesses.

The result? Businesses would either die or go bankrupt.

The question now rises; what can be the solution?

The solution to this would be the integration of digital marketing services. Let it be software development services, online marketing or digital tools, the power of the internet would be the biggest assistance for businesses in these uncertain times.

How Digital Marketing Can Assist Businesses Survive During COVID19?

Let’s dig deeper.

Digital Marketing Benefits for Businesses During COVID19

Following are some of the ways digital marketing can benefit your business and help it survive during this crisis;

Accessibility to the end consumer

The very first thing internet promises for small businesses is accessibility to their end consumer. As the whole world is under lockdown right now, reaching the consumer is becoming harder with traditional mediums of marketing. People aren’t spending money on magazines and brochures would be useless at such a time.

The masses are trying to divert their attention from continuous negative news around Covid19 and the first place for that is the internet. Through various social media platforms and search engines you can reach your target audience even with this crisis.

The real benefit is that unlike traditional marketing, you’d not have to talk to somebody to run your advertisements on these platforms. All it requires is an online account and your advertisements are good to go.

Cost Effectiveness

Another feature which makes digital marketing significantly important during these times is its cost effectiveness. Digital marketing channels are massively cheap compared to what results they can drive. The level of conversions your ad campaigns can drive through any popular social media channel in unmatchable by any traditional marketing medium.

Even before there was COVID19 and when countries weren’t under lockdown, traditional means of marketing were highly overpriced compared to digital. For example a small size appearance of your brand’s logo in a popular magazine would cost tens of thousands of dollars. However a hundred dollar ad spent on social media can make a pretty big impact.

As of now social media & search engine ads are even more important since the ecosystem is losing money and only those companies which spend their money wisely would survive.

Precise targeting

Precision is something your company needs the most in your marketing campaigns during these times. Let it be the money you are spending on ads or the audience you are targeting, more precision would mean better results.

When it comes to internet marketing as a whole, it’s much more precise than traditional mediums. For example the level you can narrow down your targeting in Facebook ads is unmatchable. You’re literally given the options to target your audience on all the following factors;




Behaviors & patterns

Along with those, the feature of re-targeting would enhance your advertisement’s capabilities and conversions. For example just by setting an ad-set to target one sort of audience you can re-target the audience which took interest in the previous ad-set up to a certain limit.

All these features combined would assist you to only spend your ads money on the consumers which matter for your business.

Allows contextual presentation

We already know people don’t like ads or sales pitches. Seeing the same scripted content again and again in newspapers/magazines and on their screens turns them off. As the content is in abundance right now, context is something that can help you stand out. And digital mediums can be utilized to build and convey appropriate contextual messages for your targeted audience.

With the extensive and precise targeting digital marketing allows, you can utilize your consumer’s data on social media to show them the most relevant ads online. For example, with the option of targeting people on their income levels you know which audience would buy specific products.

Another example could be you building a piece of creative to show as an ad-set to audience residing in a specific area which is least effected by Coronavirus and could present a relevant call-to-action.

The key to building contextual advertisements is not just to focus on the targeting offered by these digital channels but to present your brand to your audience in an appropriate manner and with an engaging story.

Long term strategy

Although this time is hard on almost all sectors, we also know that this will come to an end soon. The markets will be up and businesses would be running at full potential again. The competition, which is at the ground level right now, would be explosive this time. Thus by investing in the marketing side, your business will have an edge later.

Especially with digital marketing mediums, some require more work upfront to see consistent results later. For example, SEO is something which requires efforts from the start but you start seeing the results couple of months later.

Thus knowing that most of your competitors right now would not be focusing on search engine optimization right now, you can carry it and a few months from now you’re SEO game would be stronger than them.

Final Words

It’s a pandemic we are dealing with and at this time, it’s important for companies to make wise decisions with their marketing budgets. Look at the analytics, understand the patterns and make decisions on that basis.

Secondly it’s important that we understand the consumer needs right now. Otherwise even the smartest marketing campaigns would fail. As circumstances are changing, the preferences of our consumers are changing as well. Thus your product/service approach should be aligned with our consumer’s current needs.

Concluding everything up I’d say that although this pandemic has made things hard for many of us, we still can find ways to continue working and making an impact. It’s true that as many industries would see decline overall, but with an innovative and technological approach we can balance many areas out.

By Usman Akram, who is a digital marketer and SEO specialist who’s passionate about experimenting and discovering new SEO tactics and strategies to dominate search rankings while bringing an unmatched user-experience. Usman works for Buzz Interactive, a leading digital marketing agency as the head of SEO. 



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