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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Egypt- Private sector increases spending on digital marketing due to COVID-19 – MENAFN.COM

(MENAFN – Daily News Egypt) Experts anticipate a surge in digital marketing in Egypt in the coming period, as companies were forced to undergo a shift in their marketing techniques due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

It is projected that digital marketing will be the lifeline to stave off global economic on the back of the pandemic.

Ahmed Obaid, Chairperson of RMC Consulting and Marketing Company, said the global health crisis has reshaped the world and life as we knew it.

Obaid added that the crisis has strongly impacted all aspects of life, from the details and activities of daily life to consumer behaviours around the world. He believes that marketing is the best tool to help sectors suffering due to the current crisis.

“Over the past years, marketing tools have witnessed an evolution thanks to the Internet, and the idea of marketing has gone beyond just a product that is sold to the consumer, but which is now a comprehensive view of events and a full knowledge of the market to achieve big goals,” he said.

He added that digital marketing tools have seen a growth in use during the recent past, and this growth is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. This is especially so with the changing pattern of Internet use for many users.

Obaid said that countries should develop a strategic marketing plan in all areas of tourism, real estate, and industry. This is an essential part of the national plan to ensure economic acceleration, and to achieve increasing growth rates in a way that guarantees more investments and projects in the long term.

He added that we are witnessing an unprecedented crisis, and it is important for business owners to turn to people with experience and knowledge of managing marketing operations during crises. It is these people who have the knowledge to guide businesses to ensure their continued success.

Marketing and business development are the cornerstones and lifeline of companies in light of the challenges and changes that are now taking place, Obaid said.

They will determine business survival and continuity, even in times of crisis, on the back of understanding the bigger picture to take the appropriate decisions and actions. 

He pointed out that many sectors have struggled to survive during to the coronavirus crisis, but proper marketing will be able to help them deal wisely and confidently with the current crisis. As marketing also provides companies with a vision for the future, it will ensure they can work towards their desired goals, through using promotions to spread brand awareness.

Rami Rashad, Director of Business Development at Host Sailor Company for Hosting Solutions and Website Creation, said that companies will increase their budgets for digital marketing. This will ensure that the cake will be more appropriately divided between traditional and digital marketing tools.

Rashad said that traditional marketing will not disappear unless people stop going to the streets or watching TV, which is unlikely to happen in the near future.

He noted that, in the coming period, the marketing sector may witness growth in digital marketing tools at the expense of reducing spending in traditional marketing methods.

This trend will continue to grow as consumers spend more time online, and Internet and digital tool patterns develop in parallel. Customers will also more likely to pursue services online, due to the government’s social distancing rules, which will redirect away from street advertising.

Rashad believes that business owners face a vigorous challenge, especially those who have turned to providing their services digitally, particularly in light of the current circumstances. They must direct their marketing expenses towards digital tools, in addition to developing and improving basic services to reduce marketing spending.


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