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Sunday, June 28, 2020

How the Aviation Industry is Constantly Improving – Aeronautics – Aeronautics Online

Kevin Devoto is a freelance writer who specializes in writing about travel and passenger experience in general. All opinions presented in this article are solely his and do not represent those of Aeronautics Online.

The average person probably doesn’t put much thought into the ever-changing world of aviation. However, it’s important for pilots and pilots-in-training to stay up to date. Below are some of the newest changes in the aviation industry.

Optimized MRO Supply Chain

While pilots are essential to the aviation industry, so are the Maintenance, Repair, and Operations personnel. Without all of these people working together, the plane would never get off the ground! Just like in any other profession, MROs in the aviation industry need the right supplies to get the job done. By optimizing the MRO supply chain, airline companies can help MRO employees to get the job done faster and with fewer errors.

What are some ways to optimize the MRO supply chain? The best thing to do is to keep a better track of inventory. This means making sure that the company is not over or understocking their supplies. Overstocking something can sometimes leave less room for necessary supplies. Understocking can leave employees without enough supplies to complete their jobs. Having accurate inventory records can solve both of these problems and optimize the MRO supply chain.

Digitized Records

Having to keep track of all sorts of little papers can slow down any business, including airline companies. This is part of the reason why many airline companies give passengers the option of buying a print ticket, printing their own ticket from home, or simply having a digital ticket. All of these tickets are used in the same way as a traditional airline ticket.

Other than tickets, airlines have other types of paperwork that they need to go through on a daily basis. All these little things add up and can become hard to manage. Digitizing files, naming them specifically, and organizing the files well can help to make files easier to find. Having digital records can also serve as a great backup in case hard copies of a file are lost.

Better Websites and Apps

Since most people have cell phones and computers, most people are likely to buy a ticket online, rather than in person at the airport. Airline companies all around the world are adjusting to this change to make booking tickets, checking in, and doing all sorts of other airport-related tasks on smartphones.

Using an airport’s app can help to save time and confusion, as it can sometimes be difficult to navigate websites on smartphones. Sometimes, airlines will reward passengers when they book their flights via an app. As technology continues to advance and airline companies become more familiar with using apps, it is sure to continue to get even easier to book flights.

Improved Customer Relations

In the past five years or so, airline companies around the world have faced some serious customer relations scandals. Needless to say, airlines everywhere want to get rid of their negative reputations. What better way to do that than to work on improving how they treat their passengers, both on and off the plane?

What can an airline company do to make their passengers happy? Well, the easiest way to figure this out is to ask the passengers directly. For this reason, many airlines send emails or surveys to passengers after their flights to ask what they can do better. Once the airline collects enough survey results, they can work on changing for the better. Of course, this only works if passengers actually reply to the surveys honestly.

If you have recently flown on an airplane but have not been emailed a survey, there are still ways to let your opinion be known. The easiest way to do this is to email or call the airline’s customer service department. You may not always get a reply right away, but at least you can be sure that your opinion will be heard. Whether you work at an airline or are just a concerned passenger, you can rest assured that the best airlines are doing all they can to constantly improve their services.

Featured image courtesy of Tim van Donselaar / Aeronautics Online

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