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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Leading accountants in a work-from-home environment – Accounting Today

Accountants are exactly the right kind of workers to thrive in a work-from-home environment. Meeting with clients is easier than ever before to do remotely, and the work accountants do is not dependent on location. But how do team leaders manage their staff from afar?

American workers are starting to get into the groove of working from home. Even in states where social distancing restrictions are loosening, many companies, especially those that don’t need to interact with their customers in person, are opting to move to a remote working environment for the foreseeable future. Twitter and Square went so far as to announce that their employees can work from home forever. Accounting firms are the exact types of businesses for whom a complete transition to work-from-home operations is possible. However, just because the switch is possible doesn’t mean that it’s easy or desirable. Creating and maintaining a thriving team remotely is a new kind of leadership challenge, one which everyone is dealing with right now.

When the coronavirus pandemic and our collective response to it took shape, most business owners rightly focused on getting operational as quickly as possible. You probably spent a good chunk of hours shopping for tech solutions and figuring out the basics of Zoom. Now that people have had the chance to figure out a way to run their businesses or do their jobs from home, leaders now have to answer a more difficult and abstract question: How can we work “together” when everyone is physically apart? Replacing the little moments that happen in a physical workspace is something you can’t afford to overlook. Here are some ways to address that challenge and build bonds through the screen.

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