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Friday, June 26, 2020

Learn from Home with Digi Kaksha’s Online Digital Marketing Course – Times of India

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Creating a strong presence in the industry and helping countless to accelerate their career, Digi Kaksha has become an established education brand providing the top technology training courses in Delhi, India. Causing a big number of educational institutes to face closures, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the careers of many aspirants worldwide. To help ambitious learners build their careers during the Coronavirus era, Digi Kaksha has been a successful education brand providing exclusively designed programs in online digital marketing courses for Students, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. By pursuing these courses, many people can learn from home and smoothly build their professional lives in the most difficult of times.

Experts believe that in a matter of months, the world may see the deepest recession owing to COVID-19. Therefore, planning a career now is highly important. Many individuals have embraced a career in digital marketing as the most rewarding of all. In the years to come, digital marketing can take a great leap forward. Choosing the right career is as crucial as picking the right institute. Leading as an influential Digital marketing training institute in Delhi, India, Digi Kaksha has introduced online training programs that will set the aspirants on the right path to a career.

The career-oriented courses provided by Digi Kaksha include Advanced Digital Marketing Certified Training Program, Beginner Digital Marketing Certified Training Program, Social Media Management (SMM) Certified Training Program, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certified Training Program, and Campaign Management (PPC/Adwords) Certified Training Program. These five courses have been designed to cover all aspects of digital marketing. Not only freshers but entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and IT professionals too can pursue these courses to grow their careers.

The Advanced Digital Marketing Certified Training Program covers in-depth knowledge of social media, seo, online reputation management, web design, campaign management and its application with Instructor Led hand-on training. The course duration is 3.5 months. This Advanced Digital Marketing course comes with 19 modules and 15 certifications. This is a powerful course that enables the learners to gain an extensive knowledge of social media and create strategies to increase brand awareness on social media platforms. This course is also beneficial for entrepreneurs and corporates.

Beginner Digital Marketing Certified Training Program helps one to learn the basics of social media, digital marketing concepts, and techniques to survive the challenging times, such as the current pandemic. The course helps beginners understand the market, the target audience, the concept of boosting, and social media marketing hacks to establish brands successfully. This is a 6 weeks Digital marketing course online in 10 modules and 8 certifications.

For individuals aspiring to excel in social media, Digi Kaksha has created the Social Media Management (SMM) Certified Training Program. Similar to a crash course, this program provides fine learning of social media. Enrolled individuals displaying brilliant performances can secure high chances of connecting with the top social media agencies through this course. This social media management course online can be completed in 15 days. This course comes in 3 modules and with 2 certifications.

Considering the high scope of a career in SEO, Digi Kaksha has developed the result-oriented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certified Training Program. The course teaches about SEO, its importance, and usage. Students and professionals in the search for the best SEO course in Delhi, India, should look forward to this training program. This course can be pursued in just 15 days. It has been built in 2 modules and comes with 2 certifications.

Campaign Management (PPC/Adwords) Certified Training Program imparts the use of Google AdWords as an effective search engine marketing strategy. This online google adwords training program is immensely beneficial for students and professionals willing to learn about Google AdWords and campaigns. Also, for professionals working in social media agencies, this course will help them to generate leads for their clients. This course is available in 3 modules, comes with 2 certifications and its duration is 15 days.

The online digital courses offered by Digital Kaksha offer the chance to learn from digital marketing experts and certified trainers. Low batch strength, software, free tools, study material, and practical sessions are also offered in the courses. Featuring live digital marketing training in Delhi, India, these courses are the most notable for flexible timings. Anyone willing to restart their career can also benefit from these training programs and seek work-from-home jobs with the skills achieved.


Digi Kaksha understands the importance of a career, especially during the present times. Therefore, along with educating the digital marketing concepts, the institute combines practical experiences as well. The utmost reason for picking Digi Kaksha as the supreme choice for online learning is that the training institute offers the learners to work on active projects for numerous accomplished brands. Incorporating practical experiences, learners can boost their chances of getting impressive employment opportunities.

With the rise of the coronavirus cases, institutions are embracing e-learning and using it as the right tool to keep learning uninterrupted. Considering the professional enhancement and financial needs of persons in 2020, Digi Kaksha believes the online digital marketing training programs will prove to be fruitful for aspirants.

As COVID-19 continues taking its toll, businesses both big and small are getting affected like. What should be the ideal approach to keep the businesses running unaffected even in such painful times? Respecting the norms of social distancing for the safety of health, this digital marketing training institute in India offers students and professionals from different industries an excellent way to learn social media marketing for prospering business.

Individuals having a fine knowledge of social media, SEO, Google Adwords, campaigns, and digital marketing tools can develop digital marketing strategies at the time of crisis. Digi Kaksha’s online digital courses stress the need of working strategically for building brand awareness and revenues. These courses can help foster a bag full of ideas for growth at all times. Along with digital marketing online courses, Digi Kaksha also specializes in Python Certified Training Programs and as well as Network Security & Ethical Hacking Certified Training Programs. From career-building to developing skills, this pioneering education brand has multiple courses to serve multiple needs.

With the motive to impart live and interactive training, Digi Kaksha has rolled out online live digital marketing training to support people in building their careers and help them to earn & learn amid the coronavirus. This is the much-needed platform for advancing careers online from home and being safe indoors.

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Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Digi Kaksha by Mediawire team.

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