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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Mentorship is need of the hour – National Herald

“The survey has brought to the fore many points. Firstly, intentional mentorship programs have a definite impact on filling the opportunity gap that keeps people from advancing within organizations or while changing jobs. Secondly, there is a great potential in every professional looking to upskill they just need to be directed and guided in the right manner. Our survey has shown us that, while content and certifica-tion are just the tip of the iceberg and can help a professional grow only to a certain extent whereas effective mentoring can do wonders by applying that knowledge at the right place, in the right manner,” said Vivek Kumar, Managing Director, Springboard India.

To succeed, good mentoring is of utmost importance, it is also one of the strongest areas which people misunderstand as teaching. A mentor is someone you can look up to at any point in your life in terms of professional and personal support. They can facilitate your success in your career and beyond.’

Kumar believes, “The concept of mentoring has always been in existence, however people’s understanding on mentorship is still unclear. Most professionals do not see expected growth in their career as they miss out on one crucial aspect in their skilling journey which is mentorship and learning from the experiences and real-world learnings of their mentors. It’s also a fact that dedicated mentors who will support one throughout the career path are hard to identify.”

The survey broadly underscores the missing link between the professionals and their career goals and lays emphasis on mentorship being a significant part of success throughout their career.

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