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Sunday, June 7, 2020

New partnership expands Sun’s digital marketing capabilities – Brandon Sun

The Brandon Sun has always been a venue for print ads, but a new partnership is seeing the paper delve into a new advertising medium.

Together with international digital marketing agency HoneyBadger, the Sun is now offering local small- and medium-sized businesses help with digital marketing.

Through this partnership, the Sun will now be able to offer local businesses help with making and maintaining websites, organizing social media campaigns, place ads through Google and making sure your business is prominently placed in search engine results.

If a business wants to sell their goods online, The Sun and HoneyBadger will even be able to create an eCommerce platform for them using Shopify.

The Sun’s sales representatives have spent several weeks learning how the HoneyBadger system and how it works.

When a business contacts a member of the Sun’s sales team, they’ll be able to identify that business’ digital needs, give them a price estimate, outline the process and then connect them with a member of HoneyBadger’s team to get work started on the creative process.

While the digital partnership is new, this isn’t the first collaboration between the two companies. HoneyBadger’s former corporate identity NRS Media used to help the Sun assemble advertising flyers eight years ago.

Now the partnership is looking past traditional media and harnessing the power of the internet.

HoneyBadger’s director of business development for North America, Michael MacDougall, said that while the internet is a relatively new invention compared to traditional media, there have been a lot of advances and many businesses have been left wondering how to use it properly.

“Even though it’s been around for years, there are still questions about using it effectively,” he said. “Experience tells us that small- and medium-sized businesses struggle to get the help they need when it comes to digital solutions.”

MacDougall said there are a few reasons for that. The first is that large advertising agencies don’t typically focus on those smaller businesses. Some larger markets have boutique-style digital marketing agencies that will help smaller businesses, but not smaller markets like Brandon. Even then, their selection of services can be limited.

Frequently smaller business owners will try to take on managing their business’ digital presence, but they often have lots of demands on their time and can’t always fit time to maintain and update their websites or digital ads into their schedules.

“Like the Brandon Sun, we care very much about helping local businesses achieve success,” MacDougall said. “By partnering with us, the Brandon Sun is showing that they’re willing to heavily invest in helping local businesses in the Brandon area and Western Manitoba.”

For as low as $225 a month, HoneyBadger can set up and maintain a three-page website for a business with pricing going up as projects get more complex. Unlike other digital service providers that make businesses pay large fees upfront for a new website, HoneyBadger and the Sun will only charge on a monthly basis.

Customers can reach out to HoneyBadger to make changes and adjustments to their websites and campaigns, but for simple changes like adding a new phone number or address to a website, they’ll be able to log in and make the changes themselves.

“The major point of difference between us and other providers is that the real value we offer begins after a business invests in a solution,” MacDougall said. “Let’s say a business decides to launch a website. After the website goes live or after any digital solution that they purchase goes live, we sit down with that business owner every single month throughout the year to review their analytics with them, to review strategies based on that data. If it’s a social media campaign or a google campaign, we contact them weekly. We also make changes to their website at no charge to them throughout the year.

“There’s always support and help. Businesses can contact the reps directly, they can contact us. We’ve got a system set up where they can email us and very, very quickly we’ll get back to them.”

To get your digital marketing needs taken care of and maintained, reach out to Karen Low, Rob McEwan, Lisa Merckx-Deutscher or Suzanne Mihaly of the Sun’s sales team. For more information about how we can help you with your digital advertising, see our website, (

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