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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Simple Tricks to Earn Money While at Home during Lockdown – Love Belfast

The pandemic has brought with it not just the fear of being infected by the virus, but has also impacted the economy significantly. Millions around the world have already lost their jobs, and this joblessness has impacted the unorganized sector more than any other strata. And though there is not much that one can hope to do to help the economy amidst the lockdown situation, there are a few things that you could do to earn some extra cash and make a living out of the same. Some of these things that we are about to discuss in the article are quite interesting and easy enough to go about. You can earn money while sitting at home and also use these activities as a means to bust your pent up lockdown anxiety. Speaking of which, we shall not start with our discussion of all the things that you could do in this lockdown to earn money and take a closer look at them in the subsequent sections of the article.

Become a Freelance Writer:

There is perhaps no soul more blessed than the ones who have the capacity to spin words and write to their heart’s content. If you are blessed with the ability to write decent articles, you shall never have to worry about making a living even under duress and the most adverse of situations. All you need to do is find some decent freelance writing jobs for organizations on the internet, send your entries and get hired for a handsome salary! There is really just so much that you have to do. Plus, one amazing thing about working as a freelance writer is that you can stay at the job even after the lockdown ends and work according to your schedule. Some extra cash on top of the income that you already have definitely sounds like a deal.

Play Online Games and Tournaments for Cash Prizes:

Gaming serves as a wonderful way to keep anxiety at bay and make money in such distressing times. And if you already are a decent gamer, you shall enjoy the activity more than anything else. There are plenty of online games available; you just have to go through with the process of looking for these games and register on their sites. You might also want to have a in-depth look at the California online gambling market if gambling is something that interests you, and if you know that you are quite a seasoned player. However, make sure that you sign up only with the authentic sites so that you are not scammed in the process.

Declutter and Make Money from the Same:

Did you ever entertain the idea that decluttering your house can help you make money from the same? Perhaps not! We only declutter the mess in our house to make space and tidy things up. However, now that you have enough time on your hands to clean up the mess, you might as well do something positive out of it. Make a list of all the things that you feel can be sold. There are a number of websites that send people to your doorstep to collect things from your house and pay you for the same. Sell some of the things that you do not think that you will use later in life. This way you can make some extra cash as well as engage in a cleaning spree too.

Teach Online:

If you ever had a knack for being a teacher but did not get the chance of donning the teacher’s hat, maybe now is the time to do so. High school and college students are always on the lookout of good tutors who can offer teaching services in spite of the geographical impediments. If you are certain about your teaching skills, you can apply for the position of an online tutor and impart quality education. There is no way that this job would not pay you well. So, start applying and earn some steady money. Teaching can also help you brush up on your knowledge and kill your boredom.


There are a great many ways in which you can start selling your talent while sitting at home. The lockdown has not just affected the mental health of people but also made it difficult for most to earn money. However, with these few effective tips, you can stay afloat and manage your expenses well, till the world opens up and businesses start running again.

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