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Thursday, July 30, 2020

10 innovative tech tools to make work from home for your new job easier – Silicon Canals

Social distancing is the new normal set by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has left numerous offices across the world shut and urged employees to work from home. Apparently, during the pandemic, the video conferencing and collaboration tools, time management tools, etc. have reached an extraordinary growth with a massive surge in the number of downloads.

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Tech tools to work from home

While there is an economic turmoil across the world and the future seems to be uncertain, there are some software solutions that help people work in their own ways. In fact, remote work is called the cuture of work. You can work from home with the same levels of productivity with a slew of video conferencing and collaboration tools. These powerful tools help businesses and teams work effortlessly and seamlessly from a remote location.

Well, check out the various promising tech tools you can use while you work from home during the pandemic crisis.

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Plan your day with Calendly

Gone are the days of flipping through day planners with color-coded meetings and appointments or making to-do lists. Managing your work schedule would have never been this convenient, thanks to Calendly. It is one of the best automated scheduling software that can connect with up to six calendars to make sure your availability is checked automatically and helps you connect with best prospects, clients, and contacts.

Founded by Tope Awotona in 2013, Calendly has a slew of useful features such as notifications that will send confirmation and reminder texts and emails to enhance no-show rates, an additional time prior to and after the events, intelligence time zone detection and more.

Download for Android, iOS

Picure credits: Otter.ai

Transcribe meetings to understand better

Otter.ai develops technologies as well as products that make sure information from voice conversations are accessible and actionable instantly. The AI note-taking and collaboration app lets you search, remember, and share your voice conversations. The company creates speech to text transcription applications that show captions for live speakers and generates written transcriptions of the speeches using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

In 2016, Otter.ai was founded as AISense by Sam Liang and Yun Fu in 2016. The transcriptions are accurate as its deep machine learning has been used millions of hours of audio recordings that were analyses with several thousands of cloud-based computers for improved services.

Download for Android, iOS

Picture credits: Toggl

Track your time for hourly basis jobs

Toggl is one of the leading online time tracking tool, which is extremely popular among consultants, freelancers, and small companies. It lets users to track the time spent on projects and analyse the productivity. The internet-based tool has real-time sync with desktop widgets, mobile apps, and web tracker as well. Toggl was founded in 2006 by Alari Aho and Krister Haav with the intention to make tracking quite simple.

Download for Android, iOS

Picture credits: Zoho

Video meetings are just a swipe away

Zoho is an opens-source online conferencing software that could be appealing to you. With Zoho Meetings, you can host end-to-end video meetings, webinars, and conference calls. These can be accessed via dial-ins and email links and can be forced to sign up or download an app to join in as there are desktop and mobile versions of the same.

Zoho Meetings lets you record your meetings and has hosting options with its organisation and moderation tools. The software integrates with the Zoho Office app suite that lets you even pull in text documents, spreadsheets, and other files easily amidst presentation.

Download for Android, iOS

Picture credits: Lucidchart

Add visuals to your business docs

Lucidchart is a visual workplace, which combines data visualisation, diagramming, and collaboration to accelerate understand and drive innovation. Its intuitive, cloud-based solution lets everyone work visually and collaborates in real-time while building mockups, UML diagrams, flowcharts, and more. It is used by millions of users ranging from sales managers to IT directors. Founded in 2010, this software has customers such as NBC Universal, Johnson & Johnson, and GE among others.

Download for Android, iOS

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Connect with up to 100 members on video call

Zoom has become a household name during this pandemic as it comes with numerous features that let people collaborate with up to 100 members. The video conferencing app has soared to great heights reaching over 169% growth in revenue since the last year. Founded by Chinese-American businessman Eric Yuan, Zoom has reached around 265,000 customers. Recently, Zoom attained the status of being among the most valuable tech giant to file IPO in 2020.

Download on Android, iOS

Picture credits: Workplace

Connect to teams effortlessly via Facebook

Facebook launched the Workplace to provide the world with a place to work together. It is touted to include a host of new features to assist you to get work done from teams. It makes it easier for people to connect and collaborate. It also ensures that the core experience of using Workplace remains intuitive and familiar to all. There are useful features such as notifications within the inbox with granular controls, customised shortcuts, the ability to switch between notifications, groups, and chat, and more in Facebook Workplace.

Download on Android, iOS

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Plan all your tasks with Slack

Slack is a collaboration tool that brings the team together irrespective of wherever you are. This platform has all the necessary communication tools in one place so that remote teams are productive at any cost. With the ability to work in channels, everyone in the team gets a shared view of the progress. With Slack, productive teamwork happens in channels in an organised way.

Download for Android, iOS

Picture credits: Dashly

Customer communication platform for all

Dashly also known as Carrrot operates since 2015 as a free customer support or communication tool for people and businesses fighting COVID-19. It helps businesses acquire more customers with data collecting forms and nurture them with personalised automated messages. Also, with this platform, it is possible to manage or segment the leads. Dashly also lets users run email campaigns, create triggered messages, build funnels to analyse conversion rates and more.

Download for Android, iOS

Picture credits: Wave

Assigning work can be simple

Wave is an award-winning financial services software company that serves both entrepreneurs and freelancers across the world. It makes businesses better by providing free accounting, affordable credit card processing, invoicing, and payroll. The small business owners can rely on Wave to run their business effortlessly. It was kickstarted by James Lochrie and Kirk Simpson in 2010 and has reduced paid services wherever possible to its customers in order to provide financial relief at the time of need.

Download for Android, iOS

Take note of the above, and you’ll be sure to nail the interview, and hopefully land the tech job of your dreams. Oh, and be sure to keep and eye on Silicon Canals’ Jobs, for loads of exciting opportunities.

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