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Monday, July 6, 2020

5 Ways To Keep Yourself Disciplined During Work From Home Season. – BW Businessworld

Even though the world is in a lockdown, everyone still has to do their jobs. Companies have opted for Work From Home (WFH), which has been a partial success. The main challenge of WFH is to derive the same performance levels in terms of quality and productivity from the employees on a continuous basis. To achieve this, one has to adopt a set of guidelines and rules for them to be in discipline.

Here are 5 ways to keep yourself disciplined during work from the home season.

1) Have A Schedule

Self-discipline starts with having a plan and sticking to it. You need to have a schedule that would help to keep up with your concentration and motivation throughout the day. Maintaining and following a proper schedule will help you keep off any distractions. If you find cannot have a written schedule and face a problem sticking to it, you can use mobile apps to help you plan your day and work efficiently.

2) Take Regular Breaks

Regular breaks help a person to increase their effectiveness and efficiency. It keeps you fresh even after working hours on something. Have you ever heard about the golden rule of 52 and 17 minutes? It was discovered that the best workers typically worked intently for around 52 minutes and then took a 17-minute break.

3) Dress Like You Are Dressed In Office

As told by the specialists, what we wear affects how we behave. For instance, when we are in our PJs or loungewear, we are loose and it leaves us increasingly open to laziness. That is one of the reasons why we would not wear our proper garments when we are relaxing on a seashore, isn’t that so? Likewise, when we put on our work garments or formal clothing types, it imparts a sign to the mind that it’s an ideal opportunity to quit fooling around. Being dressed for work can be a rousing variable while telecommuting, which thus will expand our efficiency.

4) Create A Work Environment

Don’t you think if you have a perfect setup to work on, you would feel more concentrated? This place need not be somewhere private but it should be far away from your couch or your bed. Lighting also makes a huge difference. It has been observed that cooler lights make the worker more productive. Natural light is easy on your eyes and can decrease depression and improve mood, energy, and alertness.

5) Maintaining Your Health

When you aren’t in the office, there’s rarely any physical activity: No conference meeting rooms to walk to, no co-workers to go on a coffee run with, and no long hallways that lead to the printer or bathroom. Even if you’re a frequent exerciser, sitting for excessively long periods of time can be a risk factor of early death. To maintain your health, regular exercises, and meditation at certain time intervals can be of great use. One can focus on their work more.

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