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Friday, July 24, 2020

9 countries welcoming remote workers – Insider – INSIDER

  • From beaches in Barbados to mosaics in Barcelona, countries have designed visa programs that encourage remote workers to spend an extended time in a new destination. 
  • Each country requires an application process, which often entails providing proof of income, an active passport, and medical insurance.
  • These programs are becoming even more popular as countries search for ways to boost their tourism economies. 
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends avoiding all nonessential international travel during this time. If you decide to travel, follow the CDC’s recommendations in the Global COVID-19 Pandemic Notice
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People around the world are dreaming about escaping their tiny urban apartments or suburban homes, and countries are making it a reality. 

Some destinations, like Barbados and Bermuda, have recently launched remote visa programs for incoming visitors, while other countries, like Portugal and Germany, have had similar arrangements in place for years.

Today, these programs are even more appealing for countries and prospective visitors. 

Workers are learning that they can do their jobs from anywhere. Meanwhile, countries are hoping to support local economies that have been decimated due to closed borders and lockdowns. The hope is that these long-term visitors will support local economies without displacing any permanent residents’ jobs. 

Here are 9 countries with programs designed to welcome remote workers. 

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