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Monday, July 20, 2020

Abhishek Panara: A digital marketing entrepreneur & social media influencer – DNA India

Abhishek Panara is a Gujarat based Digital marketing entrepreneur who has his expertise in human resource management and ERPs.

He is young and smart, which makes him understand the importance of social media and digital media. This also makes him competent in digital marketing ideas and strategies.

With his time tested strategies and Entrepreneurship Strategies, he got the chance to work with a wide range of brands and companies helping them to boost their businesses over the web using digital media. 

He has helped many businesses and offline entrepreneurship to online businesses. He and his team have helped many businesses to prosper online with their effective marketing strategies and ideas giving a good boost to their revenue. Also, he is competent enough to help people with his well thought and drafted management strategies.

Having a Chartered Accountant background along with getting certified from Cambridge University Press, he has got a good exposure when it comes to entrepreneurship and managing brands.

Besides being a competent man in digital marketing and his niche area, he has a special interest in social causes. He stands for youth empowerment, besides being active in Mentorship for free to schools. He has been handling and shaping the Small age mindset with his expertise and experience. In a sense, it has helped him to grow in a big way when it comes to digital media. He has a long way to go in his chosen field as he has headed in the right direction.

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