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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Celebrities’ favorite artist Marko Stout continues his “Art of Cool” work online – CEOWORLD magazine

Artist Marko Stout rides high on a massive wave of fame by delivering marvelous work to his fans despite the effects of Coronavirus pandemic lockdown on art events. 

American artist Marko Stout has made a big name for his art. The NYC-based artist is well-known among celebrities for his photography, paintings, sculpture, videos, and more. But his art isn’t the only thing that helped the artist steal the hearts of his fans and the media. His vibrant pop style, which is New York’s finest, has also contributed to his major success.

Anyone who knows a thing or two about modern art has heard of Marko Stout. He is often compared to the late Andy Warhol as his work ethic is very much like Warhol’s silk screen process. Marko Stout takes his inspiration for his metal paintings from photographs of models and integrates digital tech into his works to create his unique artistic effect. Next, Stout impregnates his works in aluminum and other metals, contributing to making Stout’s trademark unique and contemporary.

Last year, Marko Stout enjoyed significant success with his latest work, “Erotic Allure Volume 3,” at NYC’s prestigious Tribeca Gallery. Many considered the artist’s work as the main highlight of the last year’s Autumn art season.

This year, despite the challenges brought by COVID-19 lockdown, which canceled art galleries, exhibitions, and events worldwide, the artist embraced progression and focused more on the digital environment. The artist is well known for his online work, which has gained legendary status. So, this year’s challenges were not going to stop this bold artist from sharing his work with his fans. Yet, with art galleries and events not happening this year, the trend of online art, which he is very much involved in, has experienced a boost.

Marko Stout’s career background

The American artist was born on September 2, 1968, and grew up as a kid in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, where he was not exposed to the glamour and glitz of urban cities like the big New York.

In adolescence, Stout was more passionate about rock music, surfing, and athletics. However, he decided to broaden his horizon as a young artist and decided to travel across Europe and America. Yet, he didn’t go through with his decision as he preferred to pursue a college degree. After getting his doctorate in biology and medicine, Stout’s life took a 180-degree turn when he decided it is time to share his creative imagination with the world.

The beginning of Marko Stout’s artistic career was a very humble one and was deeply connected to his then living situation. Stout used to live on a houseboat in San Francisco Bay, where he used to hang out with his neighbor friend, a trained painter who graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago who owned a gallery. His neighbor friend and his passion for art was a great inspiration and motivation for Stout to pursue a career in the art field as well. In fact, Stout’s first pieces and works of art were sold in his neighbor’s gallery and opportunity, which opened the doors for his future successful career.

Marko Stout’s work as a multimedia artist

“Uniqueness” is perhaps the word that describes Marko Stout’s work the best as he is one of the very few artists who can incorporate multiple art elements in his work and deliver such spectacular results. Marko Stout is not only a painter but also a sculptor and a photographer. Moreover, in his work, he also includes video, new media, and prints.

But what truly makes his work special is the fact that every one of his pieces has a particular cultural reference and meaning, making his work distinctive in a city where all dreams come true but where it is also incredibly difficult to make a name. Well, Marko Stout succeeded. His art includes durable materials and eye-catching, vibrant colors, and his unique and creative trademark.

Like every other creative mind and soul, Marko Stout is known in celebrity society for not keeping it low profile. He is often making spectacular media appearances where he delights his fans with his sexy rockstar looks. Marko Stout is often seen wearing black outfits, aviator sunglasses, and avant-garde fedora hats.

Among Stout’s many fans, there are also many big names from the entertainment industry, including the Kardashians, Billie Eilish, and RuPaul. They all line up at his exhibition openings to see Stout’s latest work. In fact, when asked about Marko’s latest work, RuPaul said that it is the ultimate in “charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.” Moreover, Caitlyn Jenner also expressed her excitement, saying that she is very excited about the artist’s exhibition.

Marko Stout believes that his work’s focus is on vibrant colors, which he uses as a representation for an exploration of peak human experiences. This is perhaps a great way to understand the artist’s style and work of art.

The last few years have seen a refreshing success in Marko’s career. He produced NYC independent art film festival called the LIPS Film Festival and was then critically acclaimed in Paris, Amsterdam, and Japan.

What was once New York’s best-kept secret became a global brand in 2019. Last year, Marko Stout made his brand famous all around the globe thanks to his interior design, fashion brand, and unique visual creations. The popularity of Mark Stout’s work was undeniable among all art experts around the world by the end of last year.

It’s no longer a secret that Marko Stout was the hottest selling artist in New York City and that he was riding a wave of enormous success even outside of NYC. But what we are more excited about is to see what the artist will surprise us with over the following months of this year.

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