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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Gazette readers share their views on working from home – Basingstoke Gazette

The pandemic has forced society to change the way we work and the sudden lockdown saw the majority of office jobs move to a working from home structure.

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, questions will be raised about the benefits of moving to a working from home model full-time.

It comes as big employers Twitter and Square have announced staff will have the option to work from home permanently in the future.

The benefits have been cited as reducing your carbon footprint, cutting down on wasted time travelling and being in control improved work/ life balance.

On the flip side, critics say there needs to be a balance and companies should retain some form of physical presence.

We asked our readers what they thought and while there were mixed views, overall the majority agreed that working from home was more productive. 

Neil said it was a no brainer, writing: “Reduce congestion from travel, reduce pollution, reduce overcrowding on public transport, more relaxed environment and less development of hideous office blocks, it’s a no brainer.”

Ellen said she believes more people working from home in Basingstoke could be very good for the local economy. 

Basingstoke Gazette:

“I save four to five hours a day plus £5,000 a year” 

She wrote: “Could be great for Basingstoke! As former London commuters most of our social expenditure (theatre, concerts, restaurants) was in London.

“We almost never go out in Basingstoke. If we’re primarily working from home we’ll be far more likely to do that. Now we just need some decent restaurants (instead of chains and identi-kit pubs).”

Catherine said: “I save 4-5 hours a day plus £5k a year now working from home. I am lucky I work 3 days a week but had to pay full time travel costs. I chat online with my colleagues about work and socially during the day, we have Zoom calls regularly and are all just as efficient if not more than before.”

And Vinnie said he is more productive. He wrote: “I enjoy working from home as I am more productive and previously being self employed it was easy to get back into the mentality of not allowing things to distract me.”

Carolyn agreed, writing: “Have worked at home all through lockdown and found it very productive and easy to adapt too. Plus my carbon footprint reduced as I wasn’t doing an hour round trip every day. I feel better in myself too. Being in sight of my garden all day has definitely calmed me and reduced stress levels.”

And Kim put: “[It’s] less stressful & being at home with my dogs all day is a real bonus. Less fuel emissions, less chance of being burgled & a lot more productive. I only ever come home at lunchtime & it’s only a 10 minute drive if the traffic isn’t bad so my contribution to the economy is minimal. It doesn’t make sense to drive to work every day if you can work from home.”

Not everyone agreed, with some describing work as their sanctuary and a place to go to switch off from family life. 

Emma said: “For me personally, I need that separation. My home is my personal space, it’s my retreat. I need to be able to separate work life from home life in order to be emotionally/mentally/spiritually content. It would only work for me if I had alot of land and I could convert an annexe or summerhouse into an office/work area.”

And Neil said: “We are a sociable species that need to interact with each other personally not just via any form of social media.”

While Richard added: “You need a work/life balance for the sake of your mental health.”

Meanwhile Luke warned of the importance of treating working from home the same as how you work from an office.

He said: “I run my own business, got an office in the garden have done it for 10 years. If you’re self motivated that’s fine, but I think a lot of employers are having issues with staff that have treated working from home as a holiday.

“It’s funny they are the same employees that need micro managing when they are in the office. The difference is they will be found out much quicker at home!”

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