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Sunday, July 12, 2020

How Digital Marketing can help to Grow Supermarket Business? – WhaTech

The use of technology in almost every aspect of human life has changed the way we live our life. The same is the case with shopping.

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Digital Marketing for Supermarkets to Grow Business


Supermarket businesses faced a lot of challenges in coping up with the digital marketing revolution. But with time, these supermarkets are becoming aware of digital marketing and its importance in growing their business.

The customers also said that the product return and exchange process is easier than it is in the online mode of shopping. All these facts say that although, online grocery stores are growing brick and mortar stores and offline supermarkets are still preferred by a lot of people.

Many businesses these days are using digital marketing campaigns to reach out to their customers basically for 3 reasons: audience outreach, cost-efficiency, and campaign flexibility provided by digital marketing. Most of the customers are available on the internet these days which makes it a better platform for businesses to target them.

Digital marketing campaigns are cost-effective in comparison to traditional marketing techniques and give better results too. It gives you the power to target a specific group of people or a segment according to their demographics and psychographic characteristics.

This makes campaigns more relevant and increases the chances of conversion and hence helps you generate more business. The third and most important reason is flexibility.

When it comes to traditional marketing techniques, once you come up with a campaign, you cannot go back or change the contents of your graphics or content. But when it comes to digital marketing, there is always a scope of modifying or changing the content.

Digital marketing analytics tools show the real-time performance of the metrics defined by us and hence we can see what is working and what is not and accordingly the campaigns can be improvised real-time. This makes digital marketing campaigns agile.

Now that we are aware of the importance of digital marketing in the supermarket business, let us see some of the digital marketing strategies which can be used by supermarkets to grow their business.

  1. Geo-Targeting via digital marketing

Whenever we search on Google terms like “supermarkets near me”, we get a list of physical stores along with their address, contact information, and their website (if available). Supermarkets then have to bring those searches onto their doors and this can be done only by providing correct details and fulfilling customer trust indicators i.e.

the reviews of those stores. Only if the reviews of the stores are better than the others, you will land upon the top 3 results which significantly increase the probability of a customer walking in. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enables you to get your results on the top whenever a user searches for any related product or service.

For this, the retailers need to register their complete profile on Google My Business and other local SEOs. There are some other platforms too where supermarkets can enlist their businesses like Foursquare and Facebook.

Customer reviews and rankings on these platforms can also lead to increased footfall and sales.

Geo-targeted advertising campaigns are beneficial for supermarket stores because of proximity-based targeting. For example, suppose that there are 2-3 supermarkets in the radius of 4-5 kilometres in a particular area.

If your supermarket store is listed, your target audience will get to see your business name in the search results.

These targeted advertisements can also be used to give special discounts and offers to customers. Driving a local campaign will cost less and will give better results for these stores.

But for these campaigns to be successful, the stores will have to maintain their ratings and keep their information updated with the local SEOs.

  1. Digital marketing to promote high-margin and rebranded items

While developing digital marketing campaigns, supermarkets should focus more on the items which give them higher margins which will increase their profits. Often these supermarkets get most of their revenue from their existing loyal customers.

Advertising high margin products to such customers will have a better conversion rate. There is also a higher likelihood of the acceptance of products repacked under your brand name.

The rebranded items can give more margins and are also observed to quickly gain acceptance amongst customers. According to a study, about 84% of customers shopping at Wal-Mart purchase private label products.

With wider margins, such products can also be used under the EDLP model (Everyday Low Prices). According to Nielsen, private label store brands were growing three times faster than the big national brands by Q4 2017.

While developing digital marketing campaigns, promoting private label and high-margin products (under your supermarket brand name) will help in increasing the brand awareness of your supermarket store.

  1. Promoting home delivery service feature via digital marketing

Due to the on-going Covid-19 lockdown, the demand for home delivery of groceries has drastically increased. With an increased number of players in the market, competition has also increased.

Supermarkets will have to respond to this change and consider incorporating home delivery services.

More powerful players are entering into the market of the online grocery market with JioMart being the latest one which has introduced order booking services over WhatsApp for essential goods promising delivery within 48 hours. This service is now available only in selected areas of Mumbai city.

It is a good time for the supermarket stores to leverage digital marketing to hold on to their existing customer base. Using a WhatsApp business account to take orders on mobile phones is one of the easiest and cheapest ways it can be done.

After initiating home delivery services, it must also be effectively communicated to the customers. With lockdown in place, digital marketing provides the answer.

Digital marketing campaigns promoting home delivery service feature will attract existing as well as new customers who are not shopping from outside because of distancing and other safety precautions. With existing brand awareness at the local level, prospective customers might also add to business volume.

  1. Use the power of social media via digital marketing

Having social media handles for a supermarket store will enable its customers to interact with the business, to share their reviews and feedback, and to communicate with other customers. This communication helps in building a base for customer relationship and can be a window to valuable insights and recommendations.

Delighted and loyal customers also help in word of mouth promotion. In the long-run, social media marketing can help supermarket stores in customer retention.

We can see a lot of social media marketing campaigns running on Facebook or Instagram as they attract an audience with broad interests and can be very beneficial for eCommerce businesses to get leads or generate sales.  There are a lot of platforms that can be used for developing social media campaigns.

Some of them are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. 

  1. Mobile applications (apps) as a tool for digital marketing

Ecommerce mobile applications have become a one-place control centre for customers from where they can search for products, place/cancel orders, make payments, track delivery, etc. At the same time, these mobile apps can also be used for digital marketing.

Mobile apps ensure visibility of a brand to its customers (installed on their phones); a critical objective of digital marketing. These apps also help businesses remain connected with their customers all the time which means that customers can be informed about offers, promotions, new products/services, reminders, CTAs etc.

For a supermarket store, using its mobile app as a tool for digital marketing could mean a lot for generating more business. For instance, a supermarket store that wants to promote its newly launched home delivery service could easily communicate the same to its customers (who have the app installed) within a matter of minutes.

On the other side, interested customers can place their orders within minutes over the app.

The future of brick and mortar retail stores largely depends on their ability to incorporate omnichannel digital solutions. For supermarket stores, merely going online will not be enough.

They will have to leverage digital marketing for sustainability and growth in the backdrop of the notoriously invisible cross-channel competition.

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