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Saturday, July 4, 2020

India’s education and hiring stand completely reformed – Big News Network

New Delhi [India], July 3 (ANI/Bloomingdale): Preparedness as we know it was always important, but now it is urgent and how! The entire world is grappling with the idea of the new normal. Only the new normal is still settling in.

Businesses, countries and governments are trying to figure this ‘new normal’ as children take online classes, meetings go digital and trans-national businesses move entire operations online. Fortunately for India, a company has been gradually preparing for “new normal” like these, with its relentless work on its advanced platforms since four years.

GROWTHCODE, a human resource actualization company engaged in increasing employability by creating a well-informed and skilled workforce by creating a self-sustaining strategic Industry – Academy – Individual partnership for overall development using their innovative virtual platforms. And it’s already here!Between 2014-2019, over USD 1.8bn was invested in India’s Ed-Tech sector. In 2020, the estimates pegged the predicted market value to reach USD 252bn. The current predicament of contactless everything has only boosted it further if anything. India is second only to the USA in being home to the highest number of Ed-Tech companies.

With one of the youngest populations in the world and being an important supplier of white-collar manpower to the world, the scope is immense. This is where the founders of GrowthCode come in – Ravi Krishnamurthy, Bhupeshh Sharma and Sudarshan Sharma, seasoned entrepreneurs with over two decades of experience in the fields of Human Capital Management, Education and LearningDevelopment along with International Trade.

Ravi Krishnamurthy, a graduate from Bangalore University with over 25 years of experience and 16 years in the field of Human Capital Development and Engagement has personally assessed and trained over 16000 people from varied geographies and backgrounds from eight-year-old kids to Business Leaders, Bhupeshh Sharma with a Master’s degree in Finance and Sudarshan Sharma, with a master’s degree in business administration are serial entrepreneurs with over 25 years of experience in national and international trade and businesses.

They founded GrowthCode in 2015 with a vision for an Indian company that could show the world how learning, development and human resource actualization processes can be revolutionized with the culmination of technology, people skills and a robust platform. In just about four years, GrowthCode has become the springboard the country is going to need to leap over not just the current pandemic crisis but to a future where basic tenets of life will be different.

“Our aim is to make a purposeful, strategic long term Industry-Academy-Individual partnership possible where our country can make the best of every opportunity created. We believe there is potential under every skin. We will need great synergy to unearth that potential and connect it to meaningful opportunities” says Ravi Krishnamurthy, Co-founder of GrowthCode Technology Solutions.

GrowthCode apps explained in detail:Prolear completely metamorphoses training and learning with progressive learning as its core at the B2B and B2C levels. The existing training and development modules work on the principles of convenience and are driven by one-way knowledge transmission.

There’s no metric to follow up. But on the effectiveness of the said programs, often rendering very expensive sessions worthless. With on Prolear, companies can now create their own modules that the intended participants can view from the app at their convenience.

They can complete the sessions, take unique, proctored assessments to ensure that the essence of the training was truly communicated. All this, at a very low per-employee-download cost to the company. This makes the training and learning process at companies far more effective than they’ve ever been, at a fraction of a cost.

Prolear Institution (For Academic Institutions) Prolear Institution goes beyond just online classes. It is a comprehensive online institution that helps students, teachers and management to educate, test and validate seamlessly, opening up the education process to a world of possibilities.

This means lectures, classes, report charts, 360-degree evaluation, one-to-one mentoring, tests, exams and evaluations are all moved to a well-designed, safe and easy to navigate app on your smart phone. Students and teachers miss no classes, there’s complete freedom from limiting schedules. All three mediums of audio, video and text are available for the purpose of teaching. It’s designed keeping the entire process of learning focused on the individual, making it far more effective than large batches where lectures are oftentimes created to merely complete syllabus.

There is the additional feature of CareerMap, which prepares outgoing students to be industry-ready with employability tests, mobile recruitment, hiring and training, workforce management, interview assistance, 100% customization and overall career management, making Prolear Institution leaps ahead of standard physical classroom learning.

Prolear Tutor is an empowering platform for freelance trainers, teachers and even companies to create their own tutorials across a wide spectrum of interests. From teaching French and music, to sports to baking to creating a tutorial on new sanitization processes at the workplace, Prolear Tutor makes teaching and learning pretty much anything, possible.

Its versatile framework allows the intended target group to receive perfectly customized sessions that they can view as per their convenience. The teachers and students can both subscribe to the platform and use it like their personal learning room that adapts to their individual needs.

It eliminates the compulsions of joint sessions, physical distances and large groups where many individuals often lose attention. As we get ready to live in the post-pandemic world, the need for something like this has never been more urgent.

OPT – Opportunity Triangle – Human Capital Actualization is what is going to be the difference between good and great organizations, and companies that survive and thrive from companies that bite the dust due to lack of adaptability. The global online recruitment is expected to touch USD 40bn. And this doesn’t even include On Job Training, Deployment, Progression, Client Interviews and Exit Interviews – all of which Growth Code’s OPT comes packed with.

For job seekers, OPT offers an array of features. Beyond just finding opportunities, it helps them to pick soft skills, learn how to sustain jobs, upgrade their existing expertise and make them more employable, giving them an edge for getting their desirable jobs. For companies, OPT is a one-stop-shop where they can recruit, employ, deploy, train, chart progression and handle interviews.

It’s way more effective than any existing job portal that pretty much just connect jobs to prospective applicants. OPT realizes the interview is just the beginning of a longer relationship, and goes the whole hog with assisting both sides. As we live in a large global village, the need for physical interviews as well as training modules is fast disappearing and OPT helps both, employers and employeesto be ready.

Lesser reliance on physical presence for an array of processes was inevitable, but the pandemic-induced lockdowns have greatly hastened the process. The world has fast realized that meetings can be as effective with video conferencing, classrooms can be as vibrant even when they move online and digitization of the traditionally one-to-one processes is not such a bad idea after all.

With that acceptance, the next step is to find one umbrella where individuals and institutions can find a reliable, comprehensive and future-ready technology that can support and hand-hold them as they walk into a new eco-system. Convenience, cost-efficiency, effectiveness that can be measured and ability to sustain and adapt for a variety of needs are going to be the deciding factors behind every individual and business decision. GrowthCode’s platforms don’t just tick all boxes, but also push the envelope on what was previously considered merely possible.

With the world’s eyes on India, we need to lead by example and GrowthCode’s Prolear, Prolear Institution, Prolear Tutor and OPT that have been developed by a team of experts after years of research and with great success, is just the right beacon to follow.

This story is provided by Bloomingdale. ANI will not be responsible in any way for the content of this article.(ANI/Bloomingdale)

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