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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

It’s Time Kenya Adopts the Freelance Global Gigs Market for Their Youth – Communal News

Kenya youth unemployment has risen to alarming levels. The facts are, eight out of every 10 unemployed persons in Kenya are youths. Combine that with the fact that Covid 19 is hitting Kenya‘s economy hard and the country is mostly an agricultural economy.  This leaves little for youth employment in the near future, which will lead to continuing generational issues.

Even though the school system in Kenya is very crowded with large numbers of students advancing, the career opportunities in Kenya are not robust enough. We believe, to reverse this generational employment issue, the best path for Kenya to improve their jobs picture is to utilize the gig marketplace.

First, providing gig services is virtual, needing no office, just online access. This greatly increases the potential market for the Kenyan youth. They need to learn a real skill that transposes easily onto online services, such as coding, computer graphics, content writing, and social media skills.

Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace and Communal News want to provide Kenya with global news and articles so they can become future gig posters.

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Gigs: Buying, Selling, Finding, and Posting gigs is becoming a growing virtual global market. Most people start part time, and then after time and experience hopefully they can become full time and even develop a robust career.  The global income scale with Global Freelance Gigs is significantly higher than most Kenya youth currently enjoy, or that agricultural incomes can provide. This could become a remarkable opportunity.  Like most things this is not an easy skill to attain but with hard work and perseverance almost anyone, especially the youth in Kenya, can have a great virtual career.

About FGG and Communal News

Kenya, along with Nigeria and South Africa, are among the top 10 countries visiting our websites, FGG and Communal News. Knowing that, we’re working to provide either free or very low-cost global platforms with no restrictions to anyone in Africa, including Kenya. To allow even the poorest global readers to have unfettered open access to news, information and services in their own language– all while leading and teaching a path to global sustainable living.

We have built internet-direct news and professional services in English, Swahili and many additional African languages to help you, our Kenya readers, gain faster and more unfiltered third party direct global services— with the goal of helping you to become intellectually enriched and hopefully more directly involved.

We hope we can be a benefit to your society.

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