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Friday, July 3, 2020

MyOnlineGuy – Websites & Ads in Mandurah, WA Takes Digital Marketing for Businesses to the Next Level – MENAFN.COM

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Mandurah, WA – Business owners are interested in the next big thing to make their businesses boom. MyOnlineGuy – Websites & Ads is offering the solution in the form of proven digital marketing strategies that can skyrocket their revenue.

With help from the team at MyOnlineGuy, business owners are about to see the other side of digital marketing. Having taken on several clients that have been burnt in the past by underperforming digital marketing agencies, MyOnlineGuy – Websites & Ads has quickly changed such business owners’ perspective of digital marketing by presenting them with real marketing strategies, as well as results.

The team at MyOnlineGuy – Websites & Ads achieves their client’s business goals by taking a personalised approach to each business’s needs. Their team takes a conversion-centric approach that focuses not only on the common metrics like ranking, keywords, and traffic but goes deeper to analyze and predict returns on SEO investment through conversions.

Added to this, the team at MyOnlineGuy also takes a communication-focused approach to digital marketing. Their team not only helps businesses to scale up their revenue and marketing budget but also goes further to demystify digital marketing for clients, breaking down the complexities, educating the client on the best practices to adopt so that they can better understand what digital marketing entails and the actions that hurt their brand and business.

Furthermore, My Online Guy – Websites & Ads guides clients through the process, identifies their goals, helps them to set a reasonable expectation, and delivers the best results in the shortest possible time frame.

Brands and businesses working with MyOnlineGuy – Websites & Ads will enjoy the full benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Describing the service, Jimmy Mitchell, the agency’s owner, operator & spokesperson said, ‘We believe that Search Engine Optimisation should be a part of a broader holistic digital marketing strategy. Why do we think that? Well, SEO works if done correctly and by someone with experience. One of the key advantages of doing SEO, when it’s done correctly, is that the results last for a long time and you can effectively set up a stream of free conversions (once the initial investment in SEO is paid for). Another advantage of SEO is that, once you get the desired results, it is a lot more cost-effective to maintain than other traffic sources. Much like a rocket uses a lot of fuel to get into orbit, once it’s in orbit, it takes minimal fuel to keep it there.

Their agency, added to its SEO services, also delivers exceptional website design services to clients, helping them to better position themselves for business success.

Get started by reaching out to MyOnlineGuy – Websites & Ads located at Suite 1, Building A/71 Allnutt St, Mandurah, WA 6210, or call 1300 391 323. For additional information regarding their services, send an email to or visit their agency’s website.

Media Contact
Company Name: MyOnlineGuy – Websites & Ads
Contact Person: Jimmy Mitchell
Email: Send Email
Phone: 1300 391 323
Address: Suite 1, Building A/71 Allnutt St
City: Mandurah
State: WA
Country: Australia


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