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Monday, July 27, 2020

Parents share mixed views on ASD’s decision to start school online –

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – The Anchorage School District announced that its schools will start in a high-risk model and the year will begin with five days of eLearning per week with no at-school student attendance.

According to the Alaska Parent Teacher Association president, the reaction to the decision is mixed.

“I think most people do understand where they’re coming from,” April Eide, the Alaska PTA president, said. “But now there’s the frustration of, okay, now I’m going to have to pay for childcare. “Switching back from in-person and going online, how is that going to work for families?”

Eide said that many families are thankful to have time to figure out how they will assist their children with online learning five days a week, but many parents say it won’t be an easy task.

Below are responses from ASD parents on the issue.

ASD officially announced that the school year will begin with five days of eLearning per week with no at-school student…

Posted by Samie Solina KTUU on Friday, July 24, 2020

“I was on the fence for a little bit about letting my kids go back to the school. But since the Alaska number of COVID-19 keeps going on the rise, I appreciate that they made the call for home learning.”

-Connie Earles

“We believe the data showing that the schools are one of the safest places to work. We are very angry that the majority of the parents in this city haven’t been heard.”

-Eric Franklin

“My son was one of the first cases of H1N1 in our county in Wisconsin in 2009. It took years for his immune system to fully recover. I’m not willing to take that chance with his or anyone else’s life again. I think ASD has put forth a very well researched, comprehensive plan for reopening while keeping the safety of their students and staff a top priority. I’m disheartened that we’ve come to this point, of course, but feel our entire community will be safer in the long run.”

-Jess Connaher

“For me, I am a single dad with three jobs. I have barely managed to make it through the summer and have childcare for my kids. My kids are not able to learn online and need social interaction. If money were not an issue, I would easily homeschool.”

-Alex Rosales

“I am relieved that ASD has officially made a decision so we can move forward with our childcare planning. Although, it is definitely a huge struggle for many right now, including us. At least we know that, for now, we still need childcare full time and don’t have to worry about drop off times, pickup times, before and after school care, children keeping their masks on in class, sanitation, distancing, etc.”

-Samantha Knoblich

“I understand it is a difficult decision all around. No matter what was decided, the community, parents, teachers and administrators were going to take issue with it. I personally would prefer and am okay with my child returning to school in person. I understand it is a difficult decision all around.”

-Leslie Helm

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