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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Ways to earn extra income online even with a full-time job – News Track English

You have a full-time job. Good for you! The cash flows each month and helps to meet your daily necessities. But life is not all about living hand to mouth. You cannot deny yourself and your loved ones the finer pleasures of life. Those ill-timed medical emergencies need to be catered to. An existing debt should be paid off soon. Your ingenious business idea has to be implemented at some point in time. A family vacation that you have called off repeatedly has to be finally undertaken.

All this requires loads of money, which is hard to come by solely through your present job. How about an additional stream of income to take care of your growing financial needs? Thanks to the World Wide Web, getting a side hustle suiting your skills, schedule and earning objectives is a possibility. Get your act together and prepare yourself to exert just a little harder. Well, when it comes to your best bets for a substantial extra income online, Click here is a comprehensive checklist.

Online Tutoring: Share your Subject Expertise

If you are an authority in a subject, virtual tutoring is for you. There are millions of students globally seeking some extra help with their subjects. You must cater to them in a virtual or networked environment. What about the earning potential? It is pretty decent. Specifications may vary but you can wheel in around INR 30K monthly, working 2 to 3 hours daily.  

Don’t mistake virtual tutoring for online teaching. While online teaching is a primary mode of instruction, virtual tutoring is all about providing some extra help on a subject matter. Online tutoring involves clarification on specific topics that the student finds hard to follow.

Virtual tutoring is typically one-on-one session, but you can tutor as many students as you feel like to boost your earning potential. Be practical when structuring and scheduling your sessions and pricing your services. Again, prefer high visibility platforms like Education First and VIP Kid.

Social Media: Post, Share and Earn

Social media is exploding in popularity. Don’t use it just to interact and share, as earning opportunities are readily available. Be a social media strategist and help yourself to reoccurring supplementary income. Brands pay handsomely to promote their products on social media.

As a social media strategist, you are required to create posts, videos, and other promotional content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The content should attract customer attention, generate leads, and build brand value. Creativity must be your biggest asset.

However, it is not easy money. You must invest significant time and effort to create content and stay on top of the latest social media trends. Posting content consistently in line with the company’s instructions is required. But earning is good enough to make up for all the effort.  

Web Designing: Code, Design and Be Paid

Small or big, businesses require a strong digital presence to stay competitive and profitable. Instead of designing a website in-house, they prefer outsourcing it to capable people. If you have coding and designing skills, web designing projects might come your way too.

Web designing is an ideal side hustle for tech-savvy people. The earning potential is high, up to INR One lakh monthly, subject to the client, nature of the assignment, the time you can invest and other factors. However, it is a specialized job, requiring ample time, labour and expertise.   

Your best bets for web designing jobs include TOPTAL, UPWORK, Indeed, GLASSDOOR, Google for Jobs, Freelancer, 99designs, X Team, and People Per Hour amongst others. Go through the contract details of the website before signing in. Devil is in the details, they say.   

Virtual Assistantship: Vend Your Managerial Skills

If you have what it takes to assist a busy professional or a business owner, virtual assistantship (VA) makes perfect sense. Your scope of work is broad, including screening calls and messages, managing schedules, report compilation, business correspondence, various organizational and administrative tasks, content management for various mediums, tech support and more.

Typically, no minimum qualification restrictions apply but fine communication, organizational and time management skills are required. Plus, you should be adept at MS Office and other applications. As a VA, you are paid handsomely, ranging from INR 500 to INR 5000 hourly. If time allows, feel free to virtually assist two or more clients to boost your side income.

VA opportunities are readily available at UPWORK, People Per Hour, ZIPTASK, Freelancer, FLEXJOBS, Virtual Staff Finder and other online resources. You are required to work for a few hours weekly, per client, either on a contract or part-time basis. The work time can be spread across weekdays, depending on the client’s whims. Working at odd hours is also a possibility.

Internet Marketing Management:

Internet is all the rage these days with buyers increasingly going online to procure products and services. The businesses are thus, forced to have a strong digital presence to stay competitive. You can help them and, in the process, earn significant repeat online income as well. Yes, we are talking about internet marketing management. The scope of work is extensive, including SEO, PPC, SMO, online advertising, and more. You are better off developing a specialization in a sub-niche segment and familiarity with CMS, as digital marketing is a specialized job. A customized business plan is required for each client since requirements vary from client to client.

Career Counselling:

When you have a passion for fashioning careers, why not monetize it? The career counsellor is supposed to understand the candidate’s requirements and provide job assistance accordingly. Preparing career documentations and delivering interview tips is also required. With COVID wreaking havoc on economies, business downsizing is looming large. Professionals are relying on career consultants to bring their careers back on track. Unsurprisingly, the demand for career counsellors will grow exponentially soon.

Online Medical Consultancy:

For doctors wanting to wheel in some extra earnings, an online medical consultancy is a way to go. Whether you are a general physician or a specialist, you will receive patients who are either too busy to spare time for a clinic visit or do not prefer face-to-face consultations for privacy sake. Your role is to provide answers to the patient’s conditions, interpret examination results, offer a second opinion, and more. Consultations are either via video conferencing or emails. In emergencies like lockdowns, you will be the go-to resource for all health-related issues.

Fitness Consultancy:

The fitness industry is on the up, opening earning avenues for fitness freaks. If you are one, jump right into the bandwagon and end up earning handsomely. The core competency of an online fitness consultant is to assist people to achieve their fitness goals, safely and quickly. You’ll be implementing training programs suiting the client’s lifestyle and training accessibility. In-depth knowledge of training protocols, yoga, meditation, diet, and bodybuilding is a must. You’ll be reaching out to your clients via video conferencing, live chats and emails.

Remote Accountancy:

Are you good with numbers and spreadsheets? If yes, remote accountancy is the way to go. A virtual accountant’s scope of work is well defined, including financial data management for all procurements, expenditures, revenue, invoices, and payments made by the client. Regular accounting chores, including, financial reporting and ledger entries are also required.

Online Focus Groups: Discuss your Way to Money

Online focus groups often go hand in hand. Many companies offering paid surveys also administer online focus groups. These groups gather insights and opinions from participants through online group discussions, moderated by marketing professionals.

The focus groups are more intellectually stimulating and engaging than online surveys. They require more time and effort but pay you well. Expect to earn anywhere between INR 20K and INR 30K monthly. Prizes and gifts are also readily available to keep you interested.

The eligibility criteria are often strict. Companies administering focus groups often require you to partake in a certain number of discussions weekly or monthly to be eligible for payments. Your age, gender, geographical location, and income might also be factored in for eligibility.

Online Travel Consulting:

Love travel? It is time to convert your passion into a passive income-earning opportunity with an online travel consulting operation. A travel consultant’s task is to create customized tour packages for individuals and corporate clients wanting to satiate their wanderlust. A website is a requisite to connect with and assist your potentials and clients. A self-hosted WordPress site makes sense when cost saving is a priority. Implementing certain proven digital marketing strategies can help generate a steady stream of travellers and passive income for you. 

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