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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Where to Learn Marketing in 2020 – GISuser.com

Marketing, just like every other sector, has moved to the digital arena. The shift makes absolute sense considering today’s consumers spend more time on digital platforms and websites like Facebook or Instagram, rather than traditional media like television or radio. 

Digital marketing is an emerging sub-category of marketing. While it still has some aspects of traditional marketing, the rise of tech platforms has changed the industry’s dynamics thus making it necessary to come up with different strategies to cater to the new avenues.

This can be a lucrative profession, depending on experience and skills. On average, a digital marketer earns approximately $54,000 annually. However, if you have plenty of experience and work at a renowned company, you can receive other financial benefits that can take your annual earnings up to $100,000. 

There are different paths you can take to become a digital marketer, but perhaps the most feasible and convenient way to get there is by learning the necessary skills from a digital marketing bootcamp. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the basics you need to know to land a digital marketing job and how you can sharpen the relevant skills. 

How to Get into Marketing in 2020

Digital marketing has several ramifications like social media platforms or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In recent years, the latter is gaining more traction in the field. If a company doesn’t have an optimized website, it ceases to exist in the eyes of customers. 

This is because ranking high in a Google search increases a company’s visibility significantly. Due to this, most companies are looking for marketers with an immense understanding of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and can create SEO-driven strategies.

On the other hand, the algorithm of social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube has developed to be more sophisticated than ever. To run successful strategies and to be on top of the digital marketing game, you need to be willing to be a life-long learner and stay ahead of trends.

To land a job as a digital marketer, you need to understand the relationship between technology and business. You also need to learn about the latest techniques to position the company in a way that boosts its visibility. When it comes to education, there are two paths for you to pick from—either get a bachelor’s degree or get a certification from a digital marketing bootcamp.

Once you are ready to jump into the work field, you’ll need to have some experience. You can start by doing internships to get a first-hand look at what entails in a marketing role. Aside from the experience, you can also use this time to expand your network in the industry. Think of it as a personal marketing strategy that may result in you getting the job of your dreams. 

Another thing you should do before applying for a job is to optimize your own personal sites and social media. If a recruiter is unable to check for “evidence” of marketing skills on your own sites, there is a chance that you will appear unfit for the job. Pay a little extra attention to LinkedIn, especially, considering it is a networking platform that can also connect you to employment opportunities.

How Important Is Professional Certificate for a Marketing Career?

The digital marketing environment covers a lot of ground and it’s constantly changing. You can empirically learn some aspects of digital marketing and maybe even land a job in the field, but proving that you were actually trained and educated to be a good marketer will significantly boost your portfolio.

As previously mentioned, back in the days, the only way of getting a career in marketing was through a bachelor’s degree.  However, now you have another alternative that is cheaper and enables you to get a certificate in just months—digital marketing bootcamps. 

Not only do bootcamps offer a more up-to-date education, some of them actually consult with industry experts when revising their syllabus. This is to better understand the market demands so that they can produce graduates that fit the bill. Considering the algorithms of various digital platforms are ever-changing, it is crucial to get some training that is packed with current know-hows so you can be job-ready the very second you complete a bootcamp.

What Subjects Can You Expect from a Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

Bootcamps are usually employment-oriented, so you’ll be trained with real-life challenges and topics that some professionals actually face in the work field. Since SEO plays such a huge role in digital marketing, it’s very probable that you’ll find SEO-oriented topics and other types of digital marketing skills like social media management. You’ll also receive training on fundamental marketing topics such as crowd segmentation, consumer climate, and psychology-oriented marketing strategies.

Best Online and Offline Marketing Courses in 2020

Now, you may be wondering, where can I learn these marketing skills? There are some great schools that offer short-term and long-term courses that you can either take online or on-site. Here are some of the best digital marketing bootcamps in 2020:

General Assembly

General Assembly offers a top-notch program covering digital marketing fundamentals. With its digital marketing bootcamp, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, marketing analytics, crowd segmentation, and automation. This school also offers flexible payment methods like deferred tuition or loan financing. 


Wyncode’s digital marketing bootcamp gives you all the insights you need to master optimization for platforms like LinkedIn, Mailchimp, and Facebook. You’ll learn how to effectively implement growth hacking in all these platforms, which is a very in-demand skill these days. On top of that, Wyncode will also train you in Google Analytics practices and marketing automation. 

Boot Camp Digital

Boot Camp Digital’s program allows you to study online or attend an in-person course. Some of the skills you’ll learn with its digital marketing bootcamp include how to create result-driven strategies to generate leads on social media platforms. The program will also show you how to use digital marketing tools to automate your processes. 

Wrapping up 

If you want to start a career in digital marketing, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with marketing fundamentals. This is how you learn to create successful strategies that can draw customers’ attention. However, no matter how much you learned at school, you’ll need to continue to learn more based on real-life experiences and the industry’s demands. This is the best way to stay on top of the trends in digital marketing

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