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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Why is Shein still working? The online shopping platform is still accepting orders – Republic World – Republic World

SHEIN is a highly popular retail brand in India for women’s fashion. The Chinese online shopping platform is known for its affordably priced yet fashionable clothing and features a wide collection of trendy clothes and accessories. The online service also has a dedicated mobile app that serves as a one-stop-shop for fashionistas. While the company mainly focuses on women’s fashion and lifestyle products, it also offers men’s clothing, kids’ clothing, and a range of other accessories.

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Why is SHEIN still working in India?

SHEIN is among the 59 Chinese mobile applications that have been banned in India, but it is still part of the app listing on the Google Play Store and App Store. This means that people can still download the SHEIN app on their devices. However, SHEIN isn’t the only app on the banned list that is still available for download. There are a bunch of other Chinese apps that can still be installed from Apple and Google’s marquee app stores.

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There have been reports suggesting that ban execution on all the Chinese apps won’t be so easy as it will require the ISPs in the country to blacklist each and every host-name and domain name that has been linked with them. In addition, it will also require Google Play Store and App Store to remove the said applications from their respective stores. The government of India has also issued a notice to Apple and Google to restrict these Chinese applications for users in India.

Once the ban orders are executed, it will affect both new installations and existing users on the platform who have the SHEIN app already installed on their devices.

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SHEIN continues to accept customer orders

It should be noted that the SHEIN app is not only available on both Android and iOS devices for download, but the app is also operational in the country. This means that it is currently accepting all orders from its users while promising a 7 to 12 day delivery period. The true nature of the ban on these Chinese mobile apps has not been officially revealed yet. However, as mentioned earlier, the ban will be gradually implemented on all the banned applications that are part of the list.

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Image credits: SHEIN

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