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Saturday, July 4, 2020

You Are not Just a Photographer. Here’s Why. – Fstoppers

At the time this article was written, roughly 35 million Americans were unemployed. Many of the businesses where they once worked do not expect to be able to fully reopen, even after being given the green light by governmental authorities.The world’s current pandemic crisis has produced a global economic tsunami of people actively looking for work, often rethinking their professional status while doing so.Having seen so many work opportunities and established clients disappear (at least temporarily), most of us commercial photographers have felt some challenge. I polled a photography group on Facebook, and over 50% of the users reported client budgets being lowered, 40% of those significantly so. Of the professionals in my personal network who run photography businesses, nearly all of their work has come to a standstill, though some of us have seen an encouraging comeback in the month of June.While the US economy struggles at large, many photographers are anxious to find reliable income opportunities. Steady freelance work or employment has never looked more appealing. And while no job comes with 100% security, there are still plenty of companies hiring now. Just check out job boards, taking care to filter by date posted, as it’s common for filled job listings to leave their postings up.Searching for photography jobs often yields poor results. Most commonly, you will find offers from companies who pay their portrait shooters $10 an hour or unrewarding grunt work like retouching hundreds of images for pennies on the click. These disappointing job searches serve as a reminder that:The photography market is crowded and competitive.Those getting into the business are often desperate to work in the field, which sets the bar low for some employers, such as portrait companies.The best photography jobs are scarce and highly sought after.Digital media has replaced the need for photographers on staff at publications. Digital publications can now easily and cheaply source media from the public and/or amateur shooters.Cheap overseas outsourcing has ground much of image editing jobs down to nothin

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