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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Affiliate Marketing Trends In India In 2020 – Inventiva

Affiliate Marketing

Access to the internet and smartphones has connected people from the remotest area that lead to the addition of untapped potential consumers that were previously inaccessible to the manufacturers. Being one of the most populated countries across the globe, India has emerged as one of the influential markets for investors that offer rapid growth to their business. Those who have invested in affiliate marketing platforms have reaped the best returns on their investments and noticed high business growth. Keeping these benefits in mind, several brands have started trusting the affiliate marketing sites like Flipkart, Amazon, and JioMart, especially during the pandemic, which has lead to the rise of Couponland, and others which offers high organic traffic and trust value that further bridges the gap between the merchant and the consumers.

Changing trends in affiliate marketing

Consumers prefer buying things from the comfort of their home, whereas merchants are happy with the pay per click model where they pay only when the value Is added to their brands. This makes Affiliate marketing a budget-friendly model with a tremendous online reach and better returns. But the digital world is ever-changing, and so do the affiliate marketing trends. So, let’s see the top affiliate marketing trends in India that will work for you.

  1. Special mentions- Affiliate marketing is used by several brands at present. Therefore, if you can find a partner who writes about your brand specifically in your niche, don’t hesitate to spare some extra money to them as these special mentions will be exclusive to you. It is important to stand uniquely in the crowd to stand better from your competitors.
  2. Native blogs- Native blogs are the engaging piece of content that mentions your brands by naturally describing how it fits in the influencer’s routine life. This is not a typical advertising post, but the one where the content creator links to your brands and user curiously see these due to high engagement.
  3. Voice search- With an increasing number of smart speakers at most residences, voice search SEO is trending. For this, you must focus on the speech patterns as they differ from the typing patterns. You can contact your partners/content creators who understand what kind of questions are asked on voice search and based the strategy upon that.
  4. Find your partners- Affiliate marketing is complicated and requires good traffic and high trust value on the products they are offering. This takes continuous effort and hard work that can not be achieved overnight. Therefore, it is recommended to partner with reputed affiliate marketing agencies and make the most out of their expertise.
  5. Influencer marketing is In- Influencer marketing and affiliate marketing has been observed to merge lately. This means more opportunities for the brands to grow and high reach to the audience at once.
  6. Try something new- With so many brands using affiliate marketing, those who dare to experiment with the niche of content creators, offer discounts, or create engaging content will be the ones to set the bar. Therefore, don’t be afraid to try something new, take surveys, and try to cover up where you are lacking.
  7. Target your audience- You must make strict guidelines and target your audience in every piece of content. It would be best if you discuss these attributes and build an audience targeting strategy with your affiliate partners so that more business opportunities can be generated.
  8. Try different mediums- This year, push your boundaries and expand your brand to other platforms like Instagram, podcasts, YouTube, Instagram, and more. Create content that is creative and appealing to the audience. It would be best to target the potential audience while working on different platforms.
  9. Keywords are the key- When the query is searched in search engines, you would prefer that content that is mentioning your brands comes in top results. For this, it would be a smart move to research for the keywords and ask the affiliate agencies to add these in your brand title and content. Make sure that you are actively updating the keywords bank for better visibility.

A powerful strategy and expert’s eye is the key to increase your sales, and your affiliate partners must have these qualities. Apply these points that we have mentioned while you choose your partners for better results.

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