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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Misleading marketing falls on Rightlander.com’s radar – Casino Beats

Affiliate compliance provider Rightlander.com has launched its new ‘Radar’ service, which is aimed at identifying and monitoring misleading messages behind paywalls. 

The introduction comes as the firm asserts that “tipsters, matched betting sites and affiliate newsletters often fly under the radar using direct mail, software downloads or password access to distribute content”.

As increased regulatory scrutiny is placed upon the UK regarding misleading marketing, Rightlander comments that one of the areas that has caused concern and is among the hardest to police is that of subscription content.

In response to the aforementioned concerns, the firm has introduced Rightlander Radar, available to igaming operators from this month, to identify and monitor private channels that carry this content and to investigate serious incidents or issues highlighted by the regulator. 

The service has been designed to provide an extra layer of analysis to affiliate compliance processes and is said to require minimal time to manage.

Furthermore, the new service will also encompass the investigation of emergency regulatory issues, such as the recent COVID-19 measures and the activity around affiliate marketing to self-excluded players which has been the subject of regulator notices to operators.  

Operators will receive notification of issues that put their brands and licences at risk along with a monthly report providing insight on the content investigated and issues uncovered.  

Ian Sims, founder of Rightlander, explained: “The ASA recently published a ruling against an affiliate in the igaming space who is not only still active but we have discovered is sending out affiliate links to UK licensed operators via email. 

“Radar is designed for any compliance officer or affiliate marketing professional who has a responsibility to ensure that affiliate and marketing content is pushed to consumers in a compliant fashion and who needs to quickly identify when a brand’s licence is being put at risk. 

“This level of service requires a specific knowledge of the sector and how affiliates work. We employ experienced gamblers and affiliates who know what to look for and how to recognise ‘bad actors’ to seek out these marketing channels and conduct the monitoring.”

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