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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Work From Home And Back Pain: Here Are Some Remedies That Won’t Fail – NDTV

Work From Home And Back Pain: Here Are Some Remedies That Won't Fail

Back pain remedies: Use a bed table if you are working on bed


  • Maintaining the right posture when working is important
  • Avoid long hours of sitting
  • Regular exercise and yoga can help in reducing back pain

The idea of work from home, which felt really exciting in the beginning, has become sort of painful now. Yes, we are talking about back pain, neck pain and the other risks associated with long hours of sitting and poor posture. To reduce all these risks and have a pain-free body, you need to have a proper work desk. Celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recommends sitting on the floor cross-legged, with your laptop on a table. She also recommends that you should sit somewhere facing nature, so that you can give rest to your eyes periodically.

Work from home: How to reduce back pain

The idea is to avoid using your lap to put your laptop on. Your spine should be straight, both your feet should be well-rested on the ground (if you have a work desk and chair).

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For most people, their work desk at home is on the bed. A bed table can be helpful in reduce back pain. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal, in her Insta story shares how using a bed table can help in maintaining the right posture and healthy back and spine. Here’s a screenshot of the same.


Nmami Agarwal uses this bed table while working from home
Photo Credit: Screengrab from Nmami Agarwal’s story on Instagram

Besides these tips, regularly moving after every 30 minutes of sitting can help in preventing back pain and neck pain. Diwekar recommends standing up straight on both your feet (without taking support or leaning) for three minutes. You can do stretching exercises in these three minutes.

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Regular exercise and a few yoga poses can also help in strengthening your spine, improving flexibility and reducing back pain. Here are a few yoga poses shared by actress and yoga enthusiast Malaika Arora that can help you with this. With regular practice they can alleviate back pain and also help in improving your posture.

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